Here’s what people are saying about True Nature Holistic Retreats:

I was brought to True Nature by a yearning in my soul and a Google search. After years of hiding from my emotions, the walls I made out of my body and spirit began to crumble. No longer able to hold everything in, I became constantly afraid, exhausted, and raw. Broken down with a limited support system, I searched for help. I found a local therapist and I found you. 

I was scared of what might happen. Would I only be fed in fruit? Would the yoga be so strenuous I would collapse? Would the quiet lead me to panic and distress? As Usual, my fears were unfounded. Within hours I was trusting you with personal details and dining hearty portions of balanced meals.

Your kindly and open nature made it easy to trust you and my heart, mind, and body began to relax. I appreciate your perspective as people, as practitioners, and as parents. When I am here, I can focus on a single aspect of my life; but, tomorrow I will again juggle being a wife, mother, employee, daughter, friend, congregant, etc...

I am not here to run away but to live every fully human day. Thank you for your time, your knowledge, your gifts, and giving fully of yourselves this week. This was such an important week for me and I will refer back to things I learned. 

On my second to last night, I began to think of ways I wouldn't need to leave. I contemplated asking to be your gardener or moving my family to a tent in the yard. Today gave me the courage to leave. My place in the world is somewhere else and no one else can be me. I must take the skills I've learned,  the insight I've gained, and my current state of balance and bring it home. Use it to live fully in my own life and positively impacting those around me. I will take who you helped me to be here, and live.

Thank you a million times. Thank you to Oliver for the coffee and the handshakes. Thank you for helping me breathe without pain, plan for the future, and take steps to build a community of my own. 

With respect and love,


Thank you so much for everything.

I’m amazed by both of you and your beautiful sanctuary. I look forward to my next retreat!


Dave and Alana,

Thank you so much for opening up your home to me.

I came in hope for a reset and restoration to my mind body and soul.

I’m definitely leaving feeling fully rested. Thank you for all of the lovely meals, treatments and lessons.

I will use the yoga, meditation and breema in my daily life! This is going to be an annual tradition for me!

Peace and love,


Dear Alana and David,

I have been in an aggressive state of transition for the past couple years, trying to both get lost and find myself.

The journey has been lovely without a doubt; along with hard at times, naturally.

Overall though, I hope to say I am “entering the stream” and I find this weekend has been integral to me finding my own rhythm so I can aspire to “swim up stream”

I want to thank you both for aiding in my journey.

Seriously, Thank you for existing.

And thanks for living in Ohio. I truly appreciate what you continue to share.


When you take time to be quiet, you are able to realize how loud mundane actions actually are. IE— how a butter knife falling on a plate pierces your ears when the rest of the room is silent.


Dave and Alana,

I came here for peace and stillness after so much loss. I gained much more than I expected. I was able to be free. Thank you.


I have to express the joy I feel right now! I have grown and learned so much this weekend and I hope to come back soon with my wife.

With love and many blessings,


Dear Alana and David,

Thank you so much for your home and our healing retreat. Our family life holds so much unknown but this weekend allowed us to reflect, connect and enjoy the moment. We needed this so much.

Much love to you and yours!

-M and R

Dave and Alana,

I’m so glad I got to spend time at True Nature - I was hesitant first... But it was nice to “get away from it all” and do something just for me. Best wishes and thank you!


Alana and Dave,

Thank you for your example, teaching and satisfying meals. This retreat, if only one day is an excellent start to my commitment for daily meditation. I leave relaxed, joyful and hopeful.


Dave and Alana,

I was looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and clear my mind clutter.

Both the tranquility of the sanctuary and the retreat was the perfect answer.

I feel the calm and serenity of the place.

The food was healthy and delicious and the accommodations were clean and comfortable. Your warmth and hospitality made me feel very welcome.

Thank you for a beautiful experience and stay!

Best wishes!


Dear Alana and David,

I needed to “reboot” and refocus. I am so thankful for your generosity, hospitality, service and treatments!

I definitely feel refreshed and ready to tackle this season of unusual business.

All the best,


Thank you. The feeling of relief we acquired has been wonderful.

My sister and I haven’t slept in the same room together since we were children and it has been so nostalgic.

Your family is beautiful and the love and kindness you all have radiate through the whole house.


Alana and Dave,

This retreat exceeded my expectations.

The extreme emotional swings I experienced were very uncomfortable but cathartic.

Learning to accept but not control and to “Be” is challenging but worth the effort. My goal is to continue this journey while living my life. You are lovely people with a valm energy. I hope to attain.

Thank you for everything.


Dave and Alana,

Thank you for welcoming me into your home. I feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to start the next step in my life!


Dave and Alana,

Thank you so much for teaching us and for welcoming our novice selves.

When my husband asked what I wanted for my 50th Birthday, I said “I want to get away, learn to relax and be with my sisters.” and so here we are - mission accomplished. But hopefully a journey begun also to continue peace, health and wellness. And more time with my sisters!

Blessings to you both and to delightful Oliver!

Hope to see you all again.


Alana and Dave,

Thank you for everything it was just what I needed.


Alana, Dave, Max and Oliver,

Thank you for such a comfortable and accepting environment for my first-time experience into knowing myself better and expanding my universe.

I am forever grateful.

Blessings and carry-on.


Dear Alana, Dave and oliver,

Thank you so much for a relaxing and eye opening weekend. It was just what I needed. Looking forward to future visits.

Best, Jackie

Dear Alana and Dave,

Thank you for the perfect respite from a difficult time in life. I feel renewed and more at peace. The way you share your lives with others is an inspiration!


As the moon undresses the night, the sun warms my soul.

The birds sing a song, and the music brightens the light.

The crisp wind blows and takes height to elevate my senses into the night.

The colors of the leaves sing to me, and the clouds smile big.

The coldness of the stones remind me that I’m alive, despite the dead trees that lie.

Look up and lift your heart.

Into the universe chase a star.

Tired not, fueled by energy.

The moon, the sun and the stars.

The wind and the earth create.

They made your heart.

P.S Thank you for a lovely companionship! Will miss Oliver.


Dear Alana and David,

Thank you for your labor of love.

Oh, and Oliver! You’re such a joy! I’ve edged out of my comfort zone during this retreat; and it was much needed.

I arrived overwhelmingly tired and am leaving refreshed. Thank you!

Thank you for the tools. (Teaching them to me.) to consciously chose balance in my busy, full life!

Very best wishes!


My heart is full of love and delight with deepest gratitude.

P.S Thank Milo for the love too.


Thank you for all of the love and support! What a wonderful time to be present with you all.


I came here not knowing what to expect-

Needed to relax and get away from my own head, if even for a day and it was so worth it! This home is filled with love and unity. I hope to take that home with me and incorporate what I have found into my practice.

Dave is probably the best massage therapist I have ever experienced. I wish you all were closer! But I will be back!!

Oliver is one lucky child! God bless you all.


“A Beginner’s Guide to Breema”

I am trying to taste my “is-ness”.

On this journey of metamorphosis.

Neither you nor I are simply one or two,

Simultaneously, one and two are both I, and you.



Breath, here. Not; over there.

Body aware, so set aside your cares.

Presence. Are you present? Enjoy this gift,

For we are all here : together ; with.

Flipside, flipside of the shilling,

Back becomes front which again is back.

Existence is blurred, but are you willing?

To overcome all that you lack?

Because all bodies connected, there is no one or two.

Reaching further still, universe is but I and you.

-Elyana Ilkova

Dave and Alana,

Thank you so much for this wonderful experience! With such a stressful week this is what I needed to be able to relax and clear my mind. I enjoyed everything. Your hospitality, your food, just everything about this retreat was amazing!

I want to wish you and your family the best and keep doing what you guys are doing!

Everyone needs a getaway like this!


What a wonderful way to spend my 70th!!

Thanks for all your gifts.

-Betty and Dan

Thank you so much!

With love,


Thanks for sharing principles of breena.

My take away:

Gentle and firmness as a simultaneous awareness was a joyful “Aha moment”

Thank you.


Thanks for a wonderful, relaxing weekend. We loved the classes and look forward to returning.

Peace and love,

-Joanna and Peggy

Dear Dave and Alana,

Youare bautiful spirits in the physical world. 

Peace to you,


Thank you Dave & Alana,

The time I spent this weekend, was not only enlightening, but encourages me to work at these things as I leave here. This truly is a gift you are teaching here and an important one.

Much  Love,

L. H.

~ Dear Dave, Alana & Oliver ~

Thank you so much for welcoming me into your peaceful sanctuary. When I arrived my mind and body were exhausted. I knew I needed to remember how to relax and just "be"... but I had no idea how powerful, uplifting, transformative and healing this retreat would be. 

I am so grateful for all of the support, knowledge, energy, healing treatment, delicious meals, beautiful scenery, warmth and joy that was shared with me.

I'm leaving feeling renewed, restored and lighter :) You've inspired me to continue learning more about Breema too! Until next time...

~ With gratitude and love ~


~ Gratitude Alana & David ~

For your home, your time & knowledge of your talents.

The silence was hard but I grew into it and hopefully  I will appreciate more now and not to rush into: words, food, thoughts, etc.

The world needs to Oh So slow down, thanks for the weekend!


6-22-17 Captain's Log - Day 1 (heart)

Wow! I have been here three hours and I already feel a difference! :) 05:30pm

08:09pm - Oh My Buddha!

First yoga class = success.

Dinner = success! Since when does a peach taste that good? Delicious dinner all the way around. Did I mention how great my body feels from the best massage EVER? A+++ Dave! Alana & Dave = Souls Savers!

10:00pm I love being like an animal. No judgement. Just comfortable movement (heart) 

6-23-17 Captin's Log - Day 2

I cannot express how grateful I am for your hospitality. This is exactly what I needed! I will forever keep the tools you have provided me and be sure to utilize them. Thank you so much for guiding me. It is sad that we have exactly what we need to thrive inside of us, but we so easily forget. This retreat is the perfect reminder. I cannot wait to pass along what I have learned again (?), thank you both for everything, for being you and helping others be them. 


Mae :)

P.S. Happy Birthday to me!

Dave & Alana ~

Thank you seems like such a small expression to try to wrap around these 2 days here. Room to breathe, and be.  Hearts that are so genuine and kind. Peace. Love, and truth. My time has been so beautiful. I am, Grateful for you both! And for your precious son, who reminded me of the wonderful sounds of childhood. Lovely. I hope I can return. The gift that you two ARE is amazing. And I am thankful that my journey led here.


blessings to you!

Dave & Alana - I didn't know why I was supposed to come here, but I am so grateful to you. Thank you for sharing your gifts, yourselves & your sacred space. 

Shane D. (not sure if the name is Shane or Shaw)

Thank you for a stay that has been completely restorative - I can go back to the waiting world with an array of tools to keep me balanced. It was wonderful :)


p.s. Thanks for playing, Ollie! :)

Dave and Alana,


appreciate the attention you paid to my needs, focusing on my lower back during yoga, and my picky dietary needs!

As I mentioned, I was also registered for this retreat as a guinea pig for some friends of mine. I look forward to sharing my experience with them and hopefully registering for a group retreat in the near future. 

Thank you gain for your assistance in helping me become centered again and providing techniques to use at home to relax/focus.

This has been a wonderful experience for me and I am grateful!



Dave & Alana,

Thank you for a wonderful midweek retreat. We are leaving very relaxed and carefree. 

Until next time...!

- B & E

Dave & Alana,

Thank you for and amazing retreat and allowing us to share our time with you

-Love & Light

Fabienne :) Robbin

Merci beaucoup!!

Dave, Alana, Oliver and the cats,

Thank you all for this amazing experience. We spoke about WHY I came - to release the hurt and anger in my heart... from my first greeting (from all of you -each cat included) to my last goodbye, you surrounded me with love, joy and comfort. Thank you for each and every amazing thing - this space, the room, the yoga, the meditation, the self Breema, the massage, the Breema, the food, the shower, and the adventure!

Also, thanks for allowing me the space to weave my baskets! Next time, we will all weave together!! I will teach!

Blessings and love



Dave and Alana -

This place is like paradise. It’s worth coming for the nature alone: so many birds, and their song a constant backdrop to everything else. This time of year, so many baby animals, both wild and domestic. And then you get the treatments, too, which are healing beyond words. I hope I can take a piece of it with me.


Alana and Dave,

Thanks for your unfailing generosity these last two days in your haven.

And thank you especially for letting us share some of your many talents, with which you nourished us in such a positive and soothing manner. You have exceeded our expectations. We feel rejuvenated. We shall not forget.

Vaya Con Dios - Elizabet

Auf Wiederscchen - Helmut

Thank you Dave and Alana for such a peaceful, relaxing and delightful weekend. We both enjoyed the body treatments, food was delicious, and your surroundings picturesque. This weekend was one of the best because you both were a part of it.

Heartfelt thanks,

R and Y

Alana and Dave,

Thank you for all you do. Thank you for providing a place of peace and tranquility. Most of all, thank you for listening and honoring me.

All the best,


I only visited once, and it’s impacted my life in a huge way! Being there was such a profound experience for me! I still use Alana's nighttime yoga moves to help me sleep, I put a lot more things on my oatmeal now and we both eat oatmeal on a weekly basis! And one of my mantra's is "Body Comfortable" and I meditate on a weekly basis too!

Also, I decided to not return to my stressful job at the newspaper after the baby and I'm going to work part time doing what I enjoy: graphic design and working for a non-profit. I felt it was really important for my well-being to be happy and at peace and not work at a job that only drained my positive energy.

It really meant a lot for me to message you before the baby and tell you how much I really LOVED coming to Millersburg and that you both really do make a difference in bettering people's lives.

Thank you for everything and hopefully one day I will find you again! We have big plans in the next few years with a little one and a possible relocation. So once we get settled, I will be back!

Well wishes,

Emily S., Salem, Indiana

So back to reality… already encounters with negative people, places, and things, but I have got to tell you both that I am finding a huge and I mean huge improvement with my ability to find my "happy place" :)  All I have to do is think of my stay with you two, and it is so much easier for me to be mindful and let these negative things just brush over me. My experiences with you have become my focal point to begin meditations.  From the bottom of my heart thank you for allowing me to stay in your home and spend time with you.  I will never forget it… and will be back again when my seed needs some more watering! :)


Thanks again for all that you and Dave have done for me. I only wish I were closer so I could take your classes and get treatments.  There is a magical feeling there. I instantly relaxed the minute I got there. That does not happen too often. Both you and Dave have such a calming effect that is good for the mind, body and soul. 




Just wanted to send a quick thank you for the wonderful time we had this past Sat. afternoon at Howard Moody’s playshop!!! What a hoot to get folks of all ages together and have that much fun!


Howard is great and so full of life, what a blessing to have gotten to know him along with our other new friends. We were 'high' in the silliness all weekend. At any rate, thanks again for a wonderful time.


Smiles and Laughter,


What a joy! Thanks to you both for a lovely, restorative weekend.


How restful and replenishing.

Blessings to you,


Thank you so much for having me here. This has been a very meaningful and enlightening experience. I’ve learned so much about new tools and new friends. Your knowledge and generosity has been a joyful process.

I look forward to implementing new ideas and activities in to my life and have to have a better well-being. We shall see each other again.



I need some pasta! LOL…Just kidding!!! Everything was great, and I plan to come every season to enjoy your home, friendship and great outdoors.

p.s. And brush up on skills I’ve learned!


Just what I needed after Christmas! We are so grateful for the peace and serenity that you’ve poured out on us. Thank you.


Your beautiful spirits and energy make True Nature so inviting. Best wishes for your future!


When I typed “Yoga Retreat Ohio” into Google, True Nature was exactly what I’d hope to find. Georgia and I truly need our weekend retreat, to replenish our souls and dream our next adventure - while being present, of course.

Thank you,

T and G

Beautiful setting, Beautiful experience.


Thank you for the gift of peace and practices that helped me be in the moment and focus on my proposal. True Nature provided the perfect setting for mindfulness and personal rejuvenation.


Thank you both for a wonderful and relaxing visit. Much needed and much appreciated.


Thank you so much for your hospitality, your wisdom and your serenity. I am a calmer and happier person for having stayed here. You both have amazing gifts that I was fortunate to receive. I will be back!

Warm regards,


Relaxing is the key word.


R and B

Everything about this retreat was what I needed - the meditation, the wildlife, the food! I can’t thank you enough. I will be back soon.



This was the most peaceful experience I have had in a long time. The nature is wonderful, the house is inviting. Dave and Alana are welcoming, kind, gentle. I will definitely be returning. I could not have asked for a better retreat.


This trip was overdue, but right in time. Your teachings have allowed me the tools to calm my spirit and reconnect with me again, after a full year of grieving my soulmate. What a blessing that you both were willing to accommodate my schedule. I can only imagine that I will return here again when I need refreshed. Until we meet again.

Bless you both,


Dear Dave and Alana,

Thank you for sharing what you love with us. You show your passion for the body and the spirit with the most gentleness, ease and grace that I have felt in a long time. We really enjoyed this time with you both. I hope to learn from you both again sometime.

Peace and love to all beings.


T and S

What a blessing. I had forgotten how to create the space to just be…Your kind, generous spirits helped me remember. Open - Clear - Unobstructed Joy and Peace.



The Art of Being Present is such a Present. As always, very much have we enjoyed your company. Such peaceful people in such a peaceful place. Truly a gift.

Thank you!

With love,

Dave and Sherri

Thank you for the calming unplugged respite we needed! Don’t tell our regular massage therapist, but those were the most relaxing massages we’ve ever had!


J and L

Dave and Alana,

This weekend has been a wonderful journey for us back to ourselves. Your home and company provided the perfect environment to quiet the “monkey mind” and allow us to reconnect with our true selves. Thanks to you both for opening your beautiful home to us. It was the perfect way to celebrate 10 years of marriage. We look forward to celebrating many more here!


L and K

p.s. Many scratches for Milo and Otis too!!

Alana & Dave -

Thank you so much for everything. The food was delicious. The night peaceful, the scenery beautiful, the cats in hammock entertaining…

All the best to you both. I hope to see you two again.



Alana and Dave, Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. I stumbled upon you and I am very excited to see what’s next. I plan to be back, hopefully with a few friends, but even alone. You both have created a true gift and gem in rural Ohio. It is, indeed, a retreat and gave me the realignment, grounding, relaxation and reprieve I was searching for.

Best wishes and warm gratitude,


Dave & Alana,

Thank you for a wonderful, relaxing and restorative weekend. We enjoyed the new things we learned and will take some of these ideas with us. Many blessings to you and your family.


J and J

Alana and Dave,

I never experienced before the beauty of stillness meditating and the Breema is amazing how the body tells you how to move and every movement has a beautiful and mindful name. It is magic.

Thank you so much for having me here, offering me your space and the opportunity to experience peace and quietness in this way. I hope life keeps blessing both of you with the best.


p.s. Never before thought relaxing is so awesome. Your food is delicious!!!

Dave and Alana,

We really enjoyed our stay at your very serene home: the yoga, massage, Breema, excellent food!! Snow and hills…Thanks so much for your great hospitality. We loved our retreat.

L and P

43 years ago, I came to this country!

It’s so nice to have a place like this to spend unhurried, quiet times supported by two beautiful people living and following their hearts. My husband and I had a very nice stay. And the food was delicious and nourishing.

Thank you,


Alana and Dave,

Wow! What a weekend!!! No Hurry. No Pause. So much to explore. Nature. YOGA. BREEMA. So rich. So deep. So delicious.

Alana, I will make your soup recipe as a recall of the weekend and its treasures.

Dave, I will practice a BREEMA principle daily to open myself to Being while I’m doing. A drop in the bucket until I fill the bucket. Then, I will start on bucket #2!

Take care. Until next time.



Alana and Dave,

Thanks for opening your home and hearts to me and helping me to heal my mind, body and soul.

Love and hugs,


Dear Alana and Dave,

The retreat was relaxing, restoring and stimulating. It feels great to leave the noise, to-do lists & should-be doings and learn & experience the practice of quiet mind. Thank you for being great teachers and hosts. I enjoyed the sessions, your home and your company. I’m leaving wanting to pursue Breema, Yoga and meditation further.



Dave and Alana,

Thank you so much for your hospitality. This weekend brought us much comfort and insight into the true purpose or “goal” behind meditation. Moving into the gap between our thoughts. Seeing them from another angle, then responding instead of reacting, has been the most important lesson. A gift we have received this weekend. This reminds me of what boxing and martial arts instructors have been trying to convey…”When facing an opponent (mind), step off on an angle to create a gap, then respond intelligently. Respond, never react.”

This sheds light on our power to navigate this life. The choice is ours.

We will meet again.


D and E

Dave & Alana,

Thank you for the wonderful stay and clearing all the cobwebs in my brain.



Dave and Alana.

     It was wonderful meeting you both. The experience was fabulous, the food delicious, and the atmosphere peaceful and comfortable. (Even got to experience a Super Moon.) The energy work was also fabulous and connecting with the breath through all we did opened up new insights and connections.

     We are so grateful we’ve met you two and hope to be back soon.


C and B

Thanks for my “Bliss.” It feels wonderful again!


Dave and Alana,

     I wish I could tell you which part of our stay was the favorite, but it was all equally wonderful and restorative. Thank you for your hospitality and peaceful energy.

All our best,

M and E

Thank you Dave & Alana for your attentive care & nourishment. It was a treat for mind & body.

Your restorative methods will benefit us over time, as we picked up some new tricks :)


J and J

Dave and Alana,

Thank you so much for your hospitality. I enjoyed everything - the food, the treatments, the yoga, the time we spent together, the nature…

All the best to you all.

Thank you,


Thank you so much for the wonderful retreat. I’m filled with good energy now. I’d love to come back in the future!


This weekend was exactly what I needed to help me at this point in my life. The two of you have added to my toolbox of things that help me deal with challenges. I leave here with a better ability to stay in the moment and appreciate the present.


Thank you, Alana and Dave, for the incredibly relaxing weekend. The food, yoga, massage & Breema and company allowed me to unwind more than I have in years. I will continue to work on staying “present.”


I can’t begin to thank you both enough for the wonderful weekend. It’s so refreshing to be in a place like this, and your ability to handle cooking for my food allergies allowed me to relax and enjoy the rest of my surrounding, full of wonderful nature, massage & meditation & Breema.



What a wonderful two days. Dave and Alana, you are delightful. Thank you so much for sharing your home (very lovely), your knowledge & wisdom, Breema and the yummie food.

I pray that God will continue to bless you and your family in many ways.

Thank you for your generous hearts. And thank you for the meditations and yoga. Fantastic.


Dave and Alana,

This is now my third visit to your home and space. I feel welcomed and comfortable here, and the Breema lessons feel deeper each time. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

Much, much appreciated,


p.s. Thank you for remembering I like fruit-flavored tea!

Dave & Alana,

Thank you for opening your home to me. Thank you for giving me the time and space to heal my mind. You both are true healers and I feel blessed to experience it.

The food was 5 star!

What a great find so close to home. I felt such peace being here. It is nice to know I have a place here and look forward to taking that peace & calm home!



Dave & Alana

Thank you for helping me realize the body and mind are connected and my mind is not outside my body and vice versa. I appreciate you both for being a part of my journey. I may have just met you both today, but I feel the warmth and friendship of a lifetime in our first meeting. I also appreciate the inspiration I found for my next collage during my foot treatment. Here is a poem I wrote awhile back that I felt reminded of by the internal reflections I was able to do while in your beautiful space.

Bent but not Broken

Sad but not Depressed

Stumbled but not Down

Strong but not Invincible

Vulnerable but not Weak

Lonely but not Alone

Bend but not Broken

Rooted. Bent. Bare.

Budding. Growing. Living.



Dear Dave & Alana,

We are so grateful for these two days with you both. Thank you for opening up and sharing your beautiful, serene home and your wonderful practice with us. The mind-body practices and the massages were simply incredible. We will be returning home rejuvenated and refreshed.

We are so glad we added the yoga at the end. The meals were delicious and the outside beauty poured in your home through the windows.

Thank you both!

B & B

Alana & Dave

You have such an amazing place here - a quiet, gentle place. Both of you are so amazing, but together you’ve created something completely unique. I have enjoyed my time here. It went above my expectations. I feel relaxed, calm and more prepared to dwell in the uncomfortable. I feel more inner peace and stronger as a person. I’m also inspired to eat healthier. I already eat healthy, but this was a kick-off to eat even more healthy. Stripping away outside influences, I feel closer to my authentic self. Thank you again for the time, space, and the giving of yourselves through the healing arts. It was much needed and appreciated. Hope to see you again.

Much love,


Alana & Dave

     Thank you for a beautiful and centering experience. It had been a long time - too long ! - since my last retreat and you have helped me to remember what it is that I treasure about the process.

     Thank you for the gift of Self-Breema and Breema, but more than that, thank you for the gift of your presence. You have the gift of hospitality and I have been so well cared for over these two days.

     Now that I have found my way here, I am sure to find my way back. In the interim, blessings on you and your home.



(And the Pumpkin Collard Green Soup is marvelous!)

Alana & Dave,

     Thank you very much for a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed the quietness and calming environment you created. You are both very inspiring, and you truly radiate peace and love.

     I cannot wait to come back with my husband.

Namaste -



     This has been an “awesome” experience. The two of you compliment one another so well…I pray I too have what the two of you do.

     This location, your home, the warm, calm, loving energy. Thank you! Thank you!

God willing, we will be back here with our new friends.

God’s blessings now and always.

Light & Laughter,



Thank you both so very very much. My heart is @ peace, my mind is almost there. I will continue to practice & make this a large part of daily activity. Striving for every moment, every inch, every breath to be exactly as it should be.


Amazing weekend. Thanks Alana & Dave.


Dave & Alana -

     My heart is filled with love, gratitude and appreciation for your love, support, knowledge, patience, flexibility & wisdom. I have enjoyed a beautiful journey deeper into myself - a self inquiry holding space for all that is…

     My heart wishes for both of you to continue in your journey - May you be blessed with joy, love, laughter, peace & abundance.



Dave & Alana,

     Thanks so much for bringing me back into touch with some great gifts I forgot I have. I hope you touch many more people with your gifts.



Alana & Dave

Thank you for teaching me that life can be quiet and I don’t need the noise to be happy. I appreciate you allowing me to do nothing, hard as it was…


V & B

Dear Dave & Alana,

     I cannot thank you enough for this amazing experience. It is one thing to have a relaxing few days away from the stress of grad school - but it is entirely another thing to also learn so much about seeing the beauty in all things. I am leaving here renewed and refreshed thanks to you both. I will take what I have learned here and carry it with me daily. Words cannot express my gratitude, but I hope somehow it finds a way to come across. Hope to see you again :)

     -     Liz

This is what I learned from this weekend, a truth that is vibrating from me so naturally as I walk in meditation:

     I am a body breathing

     A heart beating.

     I am pure love existing.

     I am not what I think I am. I am not what others think of me. I am not personality, not ego. I am my body and the deepest me is existence. I am a love radiator.

Love radiating,


I dug ten feet

     & hated the shovel.

I dug ten more &

     hated the hard ground.

For the next ten,

     I pretended to dig.

While others dug the next 30,

     I piled dirt on my head.

The last 30 I dug without

     asking why.

     and hit a well.

     - LK

I think this experience was my first time really meditating. It was great to learn the guidelines, but I ended up breaking most of them. I felt your love, peace and acceptance in your energy and in the food. You made me feel like a princess - worthy of all the good in the world, but with no extra.

Thank you for opening a whole new path - or helping me do so myself. I’m a little slow, but I do learn.

Thank you so much for being an amazing model of these teachings.


I am astounded by the graciousness of Alana & Dave to make it their life’s work of opening up their home as they do.

The love & passion is felt & seen in everything they do. The food was wonderful & the property beautiful.

Many thanks for sharing your passion -




     I’m Alive.

Just to really relax & become “aware” gave me just what I needed.


The retreat was just what I needed to relax and refocus. I had a great time! The massage was really great and I'm glad I got to join the yoga class. And the food was so simple and delicious - perfect!

Terra M., Akron, OH

What a blessing to have a safe, nurturing and affordable holistic retreat center right here in  the heart of Ohio and in such a peaceful natural setting.  I have stayed with Dave and Alana twice now, once with my husband and the second time with my daughter. 

I am amazed at the consistent quality of care and attention I received both times, especially the wonderful treatments and Breema classes.  Dave and Alana were able to accommodate our dietary needs of being gluten-free with very nutritious, creative and artistically presented meals that tasted fantastic!


Caitlin P., Cleveland, OH


My three-day, two-night retreat at True Nature was exactly what I needed to relax and reset after a long, hectic year of transitions. I had never taken a retreat before and didn't know exactly what to expect; Dave and Alana were gracious hosts and guides. Besides the wonderful scheduled yoga and bodywork sessions (I love my first experience of Breema), they fed me delicious food, shared favorite walking routes in the beautiful farmland and woods surrounding their home, and took time to share Self-Breema and mediation tools and information about yoga and other holistic training that I could take with me after I left.

Spending time watching cows on the green hill behind the house, meditating in my room, and sharing space with such joy-filled, peaceful spirits reminded me about the importance of focusing on my own wellness and left me feeling re-energized. Thanks Dave and Alana, I can't wait to come back and visit soon!

- Jess D., Detroit, MI

I had the opportunity to visit True Nature and partake of some of the services as a birthday gift from a friend.  I received a Breema treatment from David followed by a one on one yoga session from Alana.

Although I was only there for one morning, time seemed to stand still. I left feeling overwhelmingly peaceful, calm, refreshed, and rejuvenated. I felt quite "at home" with these caring and competent practitioners of the healing arts.   

Cyndi R., Clinton, OH

Through Dave Pratt’s workshops I experience Breema as a wonderful, creative merging of self-care and movement meditation that leaves me feeling a deep sense of peace. Thank you, David, for your insight and commitment to bringing this work to the Midwest!  Your powerful, peaceful presence as a teacher and practicer of Breema inspires me. I use Breema as a simple tool/practice to celebrate my life more fully embodied!


Anita F., LMT, Dayton, OH


My experience at True Nature was nurturing to my body and my spirit.  While staying at True Nature we had delightful vegetarian food, an insightful and wonderfully experiential Breema class, and were surrounded by the beauty of the Retreat Center's natural loveliness. I look forward to returning, so I can experience more of Alana and Dave's offerings at True Nature.

Sherri C, LMT, Dayton, OH

I highly recommend visiting True Nature to anyone who is seeking greater clarity, calmness, and/or wisdom in their lives.  The delicious vegetarian lunch that was prepared by Alana and Arthur nourished and comforted the physical body while the Breema body work that Dave facilitated nourished the emotional and spiritual which resulted in a tremendous sense of peace and well-being.

Sandra E., Mogadore, OH

I loved my experience in Soto Zen. I am going through some life changes, job loss, family issues and wanted to meditate and still my mind, body and soul. It is so peaceful and beautiful here in the heart of Amish Country. Dave and Alana served a wonderful vegetarian lunch and I had Breema Bodywork. It's a serene and welcoming experience I highly recommend. They offer many different classes and events to fit your needs.

Helen G, Canton, OH

True Nature is truly beautiful. There is a quietude in Holmes County, Ohio that weaves its way into this simple beauty - the physical setting, Dave and Alana's lovingly appointed home, and Dave and Alana themselves, whose individual gifts complement each other as they are shared with a gracious and loving openness.  A visit to True Nature will quietly fill your senses and gently renew your spirit.

Rosemary R., New Philadelphia, OH

I have gone to quite a few massage therapists over the years, and have found Dave Pratt to be the most versatile and effective around. He is everything a good practitioner should be; a great listener, patient, and compassionate. Please remember with all practitioners it is important to be clear and thorough about your health challenges and communicate how you feel the treatments are going. Help them to better help you.

Zed C., Berlin, OH

Firstly, I want to thank the two of you for sharing your beautiful house with our group for our recent retreat.  I think I could have laid in your hammock for hours and have been very satisfied with just that.  I am especially fond of yoga and enjoyed Alana's presentation and then yoga class. I truly enjoyed the lunch and friendly conversation as well.


It was just wonderful and very invigorating.  There is still buzz about it around our yoga class as Dorsey is planning a second retreat to your place for our group.  I hope that our enthusiasm will rub off on other members of our class so that more/different people will attend and be refreshed.


Thanks for caring.

Gary D., Alliance, OH

I have had massage, Breema & Reiki treatments from Dave Pratt for over a decade.  He is very intuitive & a healing facilitator.  Alana teaches yoga and prepares delicious wholesome vegetarian meals.  She has a soft gentle, spirit that calms your soul.  Together they provide a peaceful sanctuary in the heart of the beautiful rolling hills of Holmes County near Millersburg.

John C. Wooster OH

True Nature

In the Heart of Holmes County, Ohio

Phone: 330-473-0402 or 330-814-9797