College of Wooster: Introduction to Yoga

with Alana Pratt, E-RYT-200, BA

Introduction Audio:

Assignment One: After finishing the practice below, write a short reflective paper (300-500 words) about your experience, noting the effects of the practice on both your body and your mind.  (I apologize for the slight technological issues within the video.  It was my intention to include a moment or two of sitting together at the very end of the practice, but the video stopped abruptly.  Take a minute or two to sit quietly on your mat at the end of your practice.)

Assignment Two: *Three audio clips and one video - Please listen to the first two audio clips (the second clip is a short meditation practice), then do the video yoga practice followed by the last audio recording.  The third audio recording is the second part of this week's yoga practice.  In other words, this week's yoga practice is part video and part audio recording.  SO, you will need to start the audio recording at the very end of the video yoga practice.   ***For your assignment, please write a short reflective paper (300-500 words) comparing your experiences with the video and audio recordings.

Assignment Three: There are three video clips and one short audio clip for this week.  The middle (8 minute 52 second) video is a meditation tutorial.  You may either watch it before doing your yoga practice (Video Clips 1 and 3) or after you do your yoga practice but before doing your short meditation practice using the audio recording.  I would like for you to do your meditation practice before going to sleep one evening.  For your written assignment, write a short reflective paper (300-500 words) about your experiences practicing both yoga and meditation this week.

Assignment Four: For this fourth week of practice, listen to the first audio recording practice (9 minutes 56 seconds) first.  Then you may do your yoga practice (Part One is the second audio recording which is 13 minutes 53 seconds, Part Two is the video recording).  The meditation practice is the last audio recording (6 minutes 8 seconds).  You may either do your meditation practice in the evening before sleep or directly after your full yoga practice.

Enjoy your practice time!

Assignment Five: Please listen to the first short audio recording before listening to the second audio recording.  There is no video recording this week.  Your assignment for the week is embedded within the first audio recording.  Enjoy your practice time!

Assignment Six: There are three short yoga clips to be practiced together for a complete yoga practice.  Do the first two video clips followed by the audio yoga practice clip.  After you have done your yoga practice, you may then do the meditation practice, either directly after practic ing yoga or at another time.  Please submit a short written reflection within the body of an email after completing your yoga and meditation practices.  Your written reflection may be short (100-300 words), inlcuding something that you especially enjoyed about your practice time.

Assignment Seven: Please listen to the audio clip below.  Thank you!

Makeup Assignment (Worth a Possible 30 Points):  You will need to practice seated meditation (as we have practiced throughout the course) in the morning, midday, and at night for 5-10 minutes each time all on the same day (i.e. three times during the course of one particular day).  Take ample support so that you can sit comfortably and sit quietly without music.  Simply notice your natural breath and keep coming back to your breath every time you notice your mind has wandered.  Write a short reflective paper on your experience (300-500 words). Due Monday, October 12th by noon

Tutorial:   Enjoy the short standing pose tutorial above (10 minutes long).  Warrior II, Side Angle pose, and Triangle pose are all included in the video.