How do I register?

Please go to our Overnight Retreats page to see details on everything from individual to group retreats. After looking over that page, contact us to inquire about available dates and to ask any questions you have. Securing your retreat dates is then done by filling our simple online registration and paying your deposit.

How often do you offer these retreats?

Our retreats our available year-round, and the only limitation is whether we have availability during your desired dates.

Will there be other overnight retreat guests there during my retreat? Can I have solitude?

You absolutely can have solitude and peace. There may be just one or two other guests lodging on the property, but it is possible and even likely that you will have the place to yourself if you are scheduling an indvidual retreat, not a group retreat. If there are going to be others staying here, it is completely up to you how much contact you have with them. Be sure to let us know if you wish to have solitude, and we will help to create those conditions. The majority of our retreats are for individuals and couples. We do not schedule group retreats to coincide with retreats for individuals and couples.

How many people can stay overnight?

Depending on the season (some of our lodging is seasonal) it can be up to 9 or 10.

What are the accommodations like?

Click here to see lodging options with all the details.

Can I bring a group?

Yes, please do. We can customize a group day retreat or overnight retreat. For larger groups, we often refer guests to nearby B&Bs, cabins or inns for extra lodging. Just give us a call or email for details.

How much notice is needed to schedule my retreat?

We tend to book up weekends pretty far in advance - sometimes as long as two to three months in advance. Weekdays, especially Mondays through Thursdays, are usually more readily available. Even so, please don’t hesitate to request retreat dates that suit you - even if they are last-minute. It doesn’t hurt to ask, and sometimes we can fulfill those last-minute requests.

I’ve never gone on a retreat before. What should I expect?

While it’s impossible to predict what each person’s retreat will be like, we do know that the blend of quiet meditation with yoga, Self-Breema, bodywork treatments and time spent in nature can be profoundly therapeutic and fun. Sometimes old emotions get stirred up. Sometimes you experience a sacred quiet that reconnects you to a deeper stream running through your life. In our experience, these retreats are always beneficial, sometimes cathartic, sometimes cleansing and often clarifying direction in the lives of those who visit. Whatever your experience, we are here to help you. We’ve been on a lot of retreats ourselves, and we’ve led a lot of retreats too.

What is the food like?

Guests tell us that they’d come to True Nature for the meals alone. Cooking and creating meals are a meditative art for Alana, and she loves using local, seasonal and mostly organic ingredients for our all-vegetarian fare.

Can I bring alcohol?

NO, you cannot! Alcohol is NOT PERMITTED at True Nature.

I see that Silent Retreats are an option. Why would I want to do that?

Intentionally observing silence throughout a retreat has the tendency to take one deeper into oneself. So much of the talking we do day-to-day does just the opposite. There is magic in the quiet. Read an article about our silent retreats at this link.

What kind of exercise is there?

We suggest taking a walk on the small country roads surrounding us, or wandering up in the back meadow or hillside. There is also a nearby inn with many acres of woodsy trails for introspective hiking in the beauty of nature.

What do I need to bring?

We suggest you bring comfortable shoes if you plan on taking walks and boots if the weather is wet or snowy. Comfortable clothes that are easy to move in are necessary for yoga and Breema, and you should bring socks regardless of the season. MOST IMPORTANTLY: All the details of what to bring will be included in your confirmation email after you register and pay your deposit. Be sure to read that information completely. It serves as the perfect check list when you prepare to come.

What forms of payment do you take?

For group retreats, please follow the details for registration on that particular retreat description.

For retreats on our Overnight Retreats page for individuals, couples and small groups of friends, we require a deposit of $100 upon making your reservation, and this is payable via our secure online store or by check if you prefer.

Please mail a check within one day of confirming the date of your reservation to hold your retreat dates. Checks should be made out to True Nature and mailed to 6721 Township Road 319, Millersburg, OH 44654. At the close of your retreat, you can pay your remaining balance with cash, check or credit card. Please note that we include a 2.75% processing fee for credit card payments and that your deposit is non-refundable.

FAQS for your POM (Peace of Mind!)