We are nature-lovers. Even our art shows our reverence for the this amazingly mysterious planet. We do our best to work in partnership with nature, and we're always looking to improve how well we're doing. Most people know that we serve mainly seasonal, local and organic produce, but did you know that all of our water comes directly from a spring in the hill at the back of our property?

We also have two composting toilet cabins for guests who are staying in our cabin by the pond, the tipi or the Heart Studio. This is a top-of-the-line model that looks a lot like a normal commode and operates naturally, odor free via its simple and clever design. The composting toilet is in a small cabin near your lodging.

Whenever we can, we offer compostable plates, cups and vegetable-based plasticware for guests, and we recycle everything that can possibly be recycled.

At left is our modern "out-house" by the pond cabin - complete with an easy, green and efficient composting toilet.

Below are photos of our outdoor shower being built. The photo at far right shows our partially-installed gray water system, which naturally processes and filters shower water. The shower is now done and guests love it in warm weather! (We have been known to enjoy it too.)