"The first time I came to True Nature, my life had just upended and I had some big decisions to make. A friend wisely told me I needed to go on a retreat. When I searched online, True Nature jumped out at me as exactly what I was looking for, and I was right.

     "I’ve come back every year or so for a retreat, often when I have another big decision in the works. In my daily life - as a farmer - I spend a lot of time working and don’t get to travel much, so the act of getting away and being still is precious in itself. I feel lucky that True Nature has become my go-to place when I need a break and a new perspective or the time and space to think something through.


     "The invitation to stop moving, to let go of all the daily life stuff and be present in the moment is what keeps me coming back. If I’m struggling to find that sense of calm at home, I know there’s a space there at True Nature for me to try. I spend a lot of time drinking tea and staring out the picture windows at the hillside that encompasses the property. I like to take walks up to the pond and visit the kiwi berries.

     "Since that first visit, Dave and Alana have become true friends. I’ve loved watching True Nature evolve over the years - the cabin, the outdoor shower, the indoor shower, new colors inside and out. And, of course, Oliver! (I’m still crossing my fingers for a tree house!)

     "I run a small farm and plant nursery called The Kale Yard. A lot of things happen that are outside your control on a farm. There are a lot of joys and successes, but a lot of failures, too. It’s easy to get caught up in what went wrong and to compensate by working harder. But one life lesson that I reconnect with at True Nature is to be in the moment rather than in your head. Detaching from the stresses helps me to remember that life is not about successes and failures so much as what you learn as you go along. And remembering to pause to enjoy it!"

     ~ Erin Harvey

Erin's website: www.TheKaleYardOhio.com

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Meet our friend, Erin Harvey

\This month, we are featuring Erin Harvey, owner of The Kale Yard, a small farm and plant nursery in Lancaster, Ohio. If you've retreated with us already, there is a good chance you've eaten some of her delicious work...)

"Central Ohio is a special place with many unique and talented growers and many delicious things to eat. I am proud to consider myself part of a new crop of artisan farmers who understand that growing real food is important for so many different reasons – political, economic, environmental, cultural, and for our health."

                                                                                     - Erin Harvey

Photo by Jodi Miller