Peru's Sacred Valley BREEMA® Retreat

August 10-21, 2023 (*Details for 2024 coming soon...)

We invite you to join us for an unforgettable retreat in the Peruvian Andes.

You'll experience a combination of classes in Breema: The Art of Being Present and the Nine Principles of Harmony and the heart-opening nurturance of rich and colorful local adventures. Each day, we will have both Breema class time and excursions to take in the beauty, culture, and Inca monuments in the surrounding areas. Our outings will include pristine wilderness, archaeological sites and vibrant markets and towns.

We'll stay in two lovely hotels with stunning views of our surroundings. You'll enjoy nutritious, delicious meals made from fresh local ingredients and breathe the pure mountain air. Together, we’ll visit the nearby famous Inca Citadels of Machu Picchu, Cusco, Pisac and Ollantaytambo and interact with the diverse population of Peruvians who are the true treasure of this land.

Contacts/Retreat Leaders:

Avishai Pearlson - Peru

Certified Breema® Instructor and Practitioner

and Associate Director of Ninos del Sol in The Sacred Valley

Tsvia Isenberg - Israel

Certified Breema® Instructor and Practitioner

A mother of 4, grandmother of 2

David Pratt - USA

Breema® Instructor and Practitioner

and Co-Founder of True Nature Holistic Retreats in Millersburg, Ohio

Experience the deep relaxation, rejuvenation and essential nourishment that comes from practicing and receiving Breema, and discover how much Breema can support your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Like other markets in the Sacred Valley, Pisac Market is a lively source of inspiration - where you can find traditional local arts, crafts, typical produce and foods, unique products found only here, spices, natural medicines and more.

Our Retreat Includes:

25 class hours of Breema with Certified Instructors

(All experience levels are welcome! English, Spanish, Hebrew spoken)

11 nights in shared accommodations in 3-star hotels

All meals (mostly vegetarian, special diets welcome!)

All transportation to local explorations and adventures

Entry to all sites - local guides (English-speaking) 

Midday transport from Cusco to hotel on August 10

Inca cosmology rituals, ceremonies with healers, artists and shamans

* Option to add one or more Breema bodywork sessions for an added fee

Total Price:  

OPTION 1: US $2,360 for 11 nights, including Machu Picchu trip from August 20 - 21 (Includes train rides, hotel, meals, site entry, guide, transport to site)

                              ~ OR ~

OPTION 2: US $2,000 for 10 nights without Machu Picchu trip



Reserving your spot is easy! Just submit one deposit per person in your party or one full retreat payment per person, and then submit your registration(s). Those buttons are below. Be sure to include your email in correspondence with us.

Avishai and his wife Viviana have lived in the Sacred Valley for 13 years, and together they care for and co-direct the family of Ninos del Sol, a youth home that prepares previously abandoned and orphaned children to be independent, fulfilled and successful.

Avishai was born and raised on a Kibbutz in Northern Israel, Avishai then lived in BC (Canada), Oregon, California, and since 2010 in Peru. Passionate about health and wellness, Avishai is a Certified Breema Instructor and Practitioner since 1991, and has taught extensively on 4 continents, including several years at the University of Oregon. Following a lifelong interest in organic gardening, nutrition, cooking and permaculture, Avishai is an artisan chef, avid gardener, master composter, and outdoors enthusiast.

I delight in sharing the beauty, richness and spirit of the Sacred Valley with family, friends and guests. Welcome to falling in love with life!”

Contact him at ~ Learn more about Ninos del Sol

I fell  in love with Breema about 25 years ago, and have been soaking Breema in my Body by giving and receiving, teaching and been a student, ever since. I am grateful for the Breema philosophy, and the Breema touch that taught me to trust humans and Life, let go of tons of judgment, and choose simplicity, comfort and fun.

I am a Physical Education teacher, taught  body movement and exercise, health, relaxation and awareness in Israel and the States, and I am also certified in Chinese medicine.

I look forward to meeting you, as we turn inside to meet new dimensions of our Being, while absorbing in the fantastic  richness of the outside surroundings of The Sacred Valley and the Andes Mountains.

“Sometimes you have to look at the universe to understand yourself, and sometimes at yourself to understand the universe”

From Freedom Is in This Moment by Jon Schreiber

Contact Tsvia at

BREEMA is a service mark of the Breema Center

Dave is a Certified Breema Instructor and Practitioner and has taught both at True Nature, in the eastern United States and beyond. He is grateful for the countless blessings he has received from being both an instructor and student of Breema. He is the co-founder (with his wife, Alana) of True Nature Holistic Retreats (Ohio, USA) a unique nature-based center where they work with individuals and small groups to create transformation in the daily lives of participants. Replenishing and vitalizing, retreats at True Nature have supported countless visitors for the past 13 years. Read a recent article about Breema by Dave in Massage Magazine.

A meditator since childhood, Dave also has a background in Zen, which he studied and practiced intensely for a decade when he organized group retreats for students of Zen and bodyworkers at a center in Ohio. He is a Licensed Massage Therapist, heirloom organic gardener, student of composting, earth oven enthusiast, a sometimes poet, frequent artist and photographer and a watcher of birds and mountains.

Learn more about True Nature Holistic Retreats ~ Meet some of Dave's Art ~ Contact him at

*CE Hours available for Massage Therapists certified in the U.S., although this retreat is open to all who wish to learn The Art of Being Present and benefit from this teaching in their daily lives. Breema students come from all walks of life.

The Sacred Valley is a long and narrow valley along the Urubamba River, which is one of the longest tributaries of the Amazon River. It is a fertile, diverse and fascinating area. Situated about 1.5 hours drive from the vibrant city of Cusco, the Sacred Valley was where the Inca grew a variety of crops for the royalty who resided in Cusco.

In the past it was called "The Garden of the Inca," and still today the local towns and villages grow crops of corn, potatoes, quinoa, beans and fruits similar to what the ancestors grew. Situated in the south of Peru, at close to 3,000 meters elevation, the majestic Andean peaks are still crowned with ice caps.

Warning! You might fall in love with the Sacred Valley and not want to leave! Either way, welcome to falling in love with life and yourself as you soak in the beauty and richness of this energy vortex...

Our lodging will include: Eight nights at the sweet and comfortable Luna Rumi (image below), a charming hotel in Urubamba that places us in a great location for exploring The Sacred Valley; two nights at Amaru Colonial Hotel in the artcentric San Blas neighborhood, very close to the Plaza de Armas and Sacsayhuaman; and one night at the picturesque town of Aguas Calientes before we head out to Macchu Pichu the next morning.

Our travels will include:

A hike to a pristine forest stream on the way to Chicon Glacier

Experiencing revitalizing Self-Breema classes in nature

The Maras Salt Mine - A fascinating and unique salt extraction site, which is pre-Inca

Moray Archaeological Site including ruins and characterized by multiple terraced circular depressions (see narrow image above)

Parque de la Papa (Potato Park) A seed bank and rare model of holistic conservation that is focussed on agrobiodiversity in the land where the potato originated

We will visit the casa of Niños del Sol in Urubamba, and we'll get to meet some of the youth and collaborate by learning from them. We will enjoy a nourishing meal at the casa, and they will guide us on tours and hikes. We will also learn how to prepare a traditional Andean meal made from local ingredients, cooked in clay pots over wood fire.

There is so much we will see and do! We'll walk the famous and diverse Pisac Market, visit Cusco, the historical treasure and capital of the region, plus Ollantaytambo town and archaeological site and more - including our trip to Machu Picchu.

The Magic of Breema and The Sacred Valley

This is a rare and unique opportunity to experience both the down-to-earth wisdom of Breema and the majestic, vital atmosphere of The Sacred Valley. Our retreat schedule has been carefully crafted so that those two elements seamlessly support each other, and truly, support us while we are together and after we've returned home.

Breema is based on a profound understanding of the underlying unity of all life, expressed through the Nine Principles of Harmony.

Breema bodywork and Self-Breema exercises, practiced with these Principles, use natural rhythmic movements that are both nurturing and vitalizing. This art offers us a practical way of raising our level of consciousness by unifying body, mind and feelings. With its non-judgmental approach, both giver and receiver experience greater receptivity, balance and openness to life.

No prior experience is necessary, nor does one need great physical dexterity or flexibility, but participants should be comfortable sitting and working on the floor. Each bodywork sequence can be adapted to suit the condition of both the practitioner and the recipient.

Video Introductions to Breema & The Sacred Valley...