What first brought you to True Nature and what has been your experience?

     I have practiced meditation and yoga for many years, but my practice wasn’t regular. Last year, after experiencing some health issues, I decided to return to the practice and do my best to make it more regular. To do that, I wanted to connect with a yoga instructor instead of relying on the books and tapes on my own. I did an online search of yoga in Holmes County, and True Nature came up. I remember physically relaxing just looking at the pictures on the site. I knew that it was where I needed to go to enhance my practice. I love the yoga sessions with Alana! I learn something new every time, and she make the practice so enjoyable and personal. I also have enjoyed the Breema sessions that I’ve experienced at True Nature. Dave does a great job of leading these sessions and showing how they can be incorporated into your daily practice.

     I’ve discovered that True Nature is not just a place, it’s an experience led by two gracious, friendly and kind people. They are so genuine and concerned with the healing of others. I feel so welcomed and cared for each time I enter the house. Thursday evening yoga has become such a refuge in the storm of life that I get very upset if I have to miss it!

     I have really enjoyed every experience I’ve had at True Nature, but the silent retreat stands out in my mind as something that affected me the most. Those few days gave me the time to quietly reflect on the present moment and focus on my mindfulness practice. Being at a calm and welcoming retreat like True Nature helped me detach from the world and reminded me what is important in life. Quietly walking around the grounds during the silent retreat was a wonderful experience. The calmness of the morning sun on the pond and the fireflies dancing on top of the water remain a fond memory.

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I AM True Nature...

by Susan Corl, Artist, Meditator & Owner/CFO at Corl Design Ltd.

What inspires you?

Nature is my biggest inspiration. I love the changing of the seasons. My body responds to the warmth of the sun on my face as well as the cold winter mornings when Jack Frost lets me know that I’m alive. My husband and I live on 30 acres of wooded land that has been in his family since the 1960’s. I feel connected to this land and the nature that surrounds us. That’s one of the things I love about True Nature. The atmosphere is beautiful. It is a great place to relax and reconnect.

About Susan and Ron’s art-filled life:

Corl Design is not just a business; it’s a way of life for us. My husband, Ron, and I are artists, who live in an art-inspired home that Ron designed and built all on his own. You can see pictures of it at shinytinymansion.com  We love to be surrounded by creativity, and we extend that to our business. Not only do we connect the world with our Amish builders, we feel that we also contribute to the community by working with local builders to bring our creations to life. We love being able to provide quality products to our clients that were produced here in Holmes County.