Safety, Vitality & Harmony

Welcome! We are so grateful to provide holistic retreats year-round at our oasis in Holmes County, Ohio. Since 2010, we (Dave and Alana Pratt) have been helping people from all walks of life bring presence to their days. We are long-time students and teachers of meditative arts, and we do our best to live what we teach. The medicine of nature is at the heart of what we offer, and all of our retreats include: classes in Yoga, Self-Breema exercises and Meditation, deliciously-beautiful vegetarian meals, plus massage and bodywork. Read on to learn a little about the key ingredients of what we offer or go right to our Overnight Retreats page.

The Medicine of Nature

True Nature is 9 acres of rolling hills, open meadow, forest, creeks & a lively spring-fed pond. Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter - We are here to lead your restorative retreat. The land is teeming with wildlife; foxes, deer, turkeys, raccoons, muskrats, frogs, fish and a huge variety of birds. A key aspect of the property is that it is completely enclosed in forest, creating a natural sanctuary that gives the feeling that you are 1,000 miles away from the rest of the world. Join us any season! See photos here.

Yoga, Breema & Meditation

You'll experience small classes, and even one-on-one attention for individual retreats. Like peeling layers from an onion, each class helps you see and drop what's extra and release unneccesary tension. We have both been students of meditative arts since a young age, and that interest has continued into our adult lives. Our primary aim is to help you reconnect to your own True Nature and to return home with tools to create balance in your daily life.  Read more about us here.

Massage & Bodywork

Our retreats include nurturing, transformative touch through massage therapy and Breema bodywork treatments provided by Dave. Both of these arts are profound support for healing, and for embodying and integrating your classtime. Plus, they're simply relaxing and a joy to receive! Read more about massage and bodywork…

Vital Vegetarian Meals

Meals at True Nature are simple and revitalizing, featuring seasonal and mostly organic ingredients. Alana has a gift for choosing the most alive and delicious items and preparing them in a way that "let's the food speak." Our garden of organic, heirloom vegetables provides some of what we serve in the growing season, and the rest comes from local sources.

Scheduling a Retreat

~ Individual & Group ~

Our wellness retreats are all-inclusive, offered year-round, and you can learn about those options here on our Overnight Retreats page. Choose from several comfortable and unique lodging spaces as part of your retreat. These include: The Green Suite, The Moon Swallow Tipi, The Pond Cabin, The Heart Studio and camping.

Rent True Nature

Teachers of Yoga and Meditation, Movement and other Holistic Healing Arts Professionals - bring your group to True Nature and experience the magic of this placed imbued by the sincere practice of hundreds of individuals over the past 14 years. This is a brand new development, and we intend to share full details by April of this year. Currently, we are just taking names of those interested with a few details about your proposed group. If you are interested, contact us.