Comfort is key.
Pull up a chair, sip a cup of something warm and (fill in the blank)
A peace dove theme emerged as we worked on the cabin, and you'll see several fair trade, handmade dove items inside and out.
Anybody home?
The cabin's little meditation room is the perfect place to sit in the quiet of this place.
The cabin comes complete with a picnic table, fire pit and a separate cabin with a sink (spring-fed) and a top-of-the line composting toilet.

The Pond Cabin

Our simple and rustic cabin is so intimately connected to nature that you'll hear and feel the breeze, watch deer walk past your window and settle into an Amish-made porch rocker for a front row experience of Ohio country.

This rustic cabin by the pond is available as lodging from late April through mid-October. The area includes a porch with comfortable chairs, a picnic table and a firepit. Plus, it is right beside our spring-fed pond and tucked far enough back on the property to help you go deeper into your retreat. This simple cabin sleeps 2-3, and has a main room with a queen-sized bed (with an extra comfy Tempurpedic mattress) and a small bedroom with bunk beds. Typically, we have one guest or a couple staying there, as it is a small space.

A third small room has been dedicated for meditation and prayer. Multiple walls are finished with natural clay plaster, which gives it a warm, earthy feeling. The state-of-the-art composting toilet is in a small cabin just a few steps away from the pond cabin. Guests staying at the pond cabin have use of the private outside shower by the house. The cabin has a beautiful quiet to it, and you won’t hear the buzz of electricity - just the sound of owls, crickets and frogs.

Walk the country roads, sit on the porch and enjoy the wildlife - let yourself slow down. Rest.

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The Moon Swallow Tipi

Our 20’ tipi is a cozy place to stay on your next retreat and it lets you experience living in the round, which experience and research show to promote health and well-being. (Click the photos at right to enlarge) The simple wood floor is warm and inviting, and there is a memory foam queen bed and a twin bed too. As with all of our lodging options, we aim to help you get a good night's rest.

The tipi sits on the eastern edge of our spring-fed pond, with your front door facing the sunrise - refreshing way to wake up every morning. You'll hear the birds, frogs and crickets, and feel a connection to nature that is unique to tipi-living.

The tipi has mosquito guards to allow fresh air, without letting bugs in. The height of the interior peak is about 16', giving it a very open and expansive feeling inside that is very comforting. Most guests are surprised at how large the interior feels. The tipi has symbols of swallows in flight on the  outside, and another band depicting the phases of the moon. From the inside, you can see the silhouettes of these paintings when the sun is shining, giving the space a very alive atmosphere.

There are two small bathroom cabins very close to the the tipi, (one near the pond and one towards the front of the property) and both feature state-of-the-art Sunmar compositng toilets - the most efficient  composting toilet systems available. Guests also have use of our private and enclosed outdoor shower, which has its own grey-water system.

We’ve had a great experience working with the folks at Nomadics Tipi Makers in Bend, Oregon. We'd be glad to talk to any guests about how fascinating it has been learning about this tipi designed after the traditional Sioux pattern.

The Heart Studio is an addition built in 2015 on the north side of the house, and it has previously served as both an art studio and a meditation space. There are many art-ful touches throughout, with handmade, fair trade rugs, wall hangings and paintings. The colorful image at right is from the window on the private entrance door to the studio, art that Dave created.

The Heart Studio has one queen-sized bed and a twin bed, plus a small sitting area with oriental rugs and a bench full of comfy cushions. Guests staying here will get their own beverage area, including a coffee maker and a mini fridge. The bathroom for the Heart Studio is just outside the door - a small cabin featuring a SunMar electric composting toilet and sink with hot and cold water. There is also a private outside shower with its own grey water system right beside the Heart Studio.


Camping with your own tent is also a wonderful option, and there are plenty of spots where you can set up. Details on pricing for camping and all the other lodging options are available on our Overnight Retreats Page. You can also email us for more information.

Simple, Comfortable & Beautiful Lodging

The Heart Studio

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* The Green Suite

This comfortable space is our largest lodging area and is available year-round. It has a queen-sized bed, a small table for writing and meals, and many earthy decorations and spiritually-uplifting books. This is also the only lodging choice with its own bathroom with a shower. The bedroom windows of the Green Suite face the rising sun and the exterior entrance opens into our art gallery featuring Dave's artwork. (You can see Dave’s art at this link.) The gallery will also be a private place for you to meditate, receive class instruction and treatments.

There is a third small room in the suite with a twin bed and beautifully-textured walls painted with natural clay pigments. When this little bedroom is used, the suite can sleep up to three people. In the hallway between the rooms, there is a little nook with both an electric tea kettle, coffee-maker (fine organic and fair trade teas and coffee) and snacks. Like the Heart Studio, the Green Suite is separate from the rest of the house, so you’ll have complete privacy.

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