I arrived at True Nature lost, tired and in desperate need of comfort.  My mind, body and soul were listless.  I had recently lost my best friend to pancreatic cancer; the grief felt heavy. I knew I needed help getting back to center.  I booked a two day retreat, looking forward to the silence, the new things I would learn, self Breema and yoga,  and the food.

Alana and David welcomed me into their sacred space with open arms and wide open hearts.  Within moments I could feel my anxious body relax. While I could speak to the individual treatments and new learnings, for me, True Nature won my heart and healed my soul simply by its welcoming being and its powerful stillness. In that stillness I was able to grasp and attend to myself.  Alana and David were there as gentle sherpas to guide me when I wandered back to anxiety.

As a mother of three, the simple art of being served a glorious meal, to be enjoyed in silence made me weep.  The profound beauty of Alana’s food, service and comfort offered a gentle reminder that I had not been caring for myself well.  I needed to return to that caring in order to heal.  I was able to sit and spoon large mouthfuls of warm chickpeas, couscous, and salty feta,  dwelling in the sumptuous joy and comfort of my belly and spirit.  This culinary experience is the resonant gift that endures.

True Nature creates a vibrant, loving, and safe space to find, explore, or reconnect with the wonders of you.  

Forever Grateful,

Aimee Dudas

Executive Coach

Food for the Soul at True Nature

~ by Aimee Dudas