Overnight Retreats

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We believe in helping people go deeply into the sacred quiet that comes with a real retreat, and offer these packages to encourage you to take this time for yourself. Our home is our own place for spiritual practice and we invite you into this space with open arms. We have beautiful guest rooms in the house, seasonal lodging in our sweet little cabin by the pond and camping in the heart of nature. (Cabin/camping are late Apr. - late Sept.) We’ll provide you with a comfortable place to rest, and your vegetarian meals will be pure & simple, with an emphasis on whole, organic food. We encourage you to walk the country roads or take a stroll in the meadow. Watch the hawks soar, soak in the quiet & breathe the deliciously fresh air. 

Below are descriptions of our overnight retreats for individuals and groups and are divided into these two categories. Rates specific to your choice of lodging and other details are included. Rates do not include taxes. You are welcome to add additional services to any retreat and can see those options by going to our Treatments, Classes and Meals page. Our retreats are offered year-round, on both weekdays and weekends, and you can see how to book them by reading the notes under each category heading.

For Individuals & Small Groups

The retreats in this column are for a single person (Yes, you might have the place to yourself!) or a group of 2-6 friends whom you gather and bring. These retreats are reserved by contacting us to find available dates. When we have found an open date that works, we will help you finalize registration. Please note that weekends book up quickly, but weekdays are available, too. Scheduling in advance is very helpful. (Any of these retreats can be silent upon request.)

Group Retreats

The retreats in this column are open for anyone to register, and they are all group retreats with set dates. The dates, prices and other details are included with each retreat description. If you see one which you'd like to register for, simply click and follow the links, and please specify your chosen retreat on the form that opens. We will follow up with deposit details and a confirmation letter.

Quiet Mind, Open Heart, Vital Body

House:$295 Per Person

Cabin: $315 for One Person/$430 for Two People/$570 for Three

This simple and nourishing retreat provides some of the best of what we offer, at a reduced rate. It includes: 

     •     One night’s lodging

     •     Dinner and breakfast

     •     90-minute individual yoga or Self-Breema class

     •     60-minute massage therapy

     •     30-minute Breema bodywork treatment

     •     Meditation - 60-minutes one-on-one time to help “take your retreat home.”

    We will work with you to schedule your solo time for meditation, yoga or Self-Breema. Of course, you will also have time to wander in nature or skip stones on the pond. Part of the transformation is simply dropping your worries and letting yourself fully be here.

One Night Holistic Treat

(Featuring an early arrival for a longer stay)

House:$390 Per Person (Two person maximum) or $342.50 Per Person when sharing a bedroom.

This retreat provides abundant sustenance in a one night visit, with an early arrival, so you have more time to settle in and fully enjoy this magical haven in nature. With more class support and treatment time than the Quiet Mind retreat, this is a beautifully-enlivening and enriching choice and includes:

     •     One night’s lodging

     •     Lunch, dinner and breakfast on the morning of departure

     •     90-minute massage therapy

     •     30-minute Breema bodywork treatment

     •     90-minute individual yoga class

     •     90-minute group yoga class (Wed. arrivals only)

     •     120 minutes Meditation & Self-Breema

HeartSpace (2 & 4 Night Options)

     A Holistic Program for Eating Disorders

     Serving Patients & Loved-Ones

(Click Here for Full Details of HeartSpace)

Mind, Body & Heart Unite 

& Create Magic: 

House:$535 Per Person and $760 for Couples

Cabin: $575 for One Person/$790 for Two People

Our most popular two night retreat, this one includes more support and nourishment than Quiet Mind, with plenty of time to rest and Be. Guests receive: 

     •     Two night’s lodging

     •     Two dinners, two breakfasts and one lunch 

     •     120 minutes of yoga instruction

     •     120 minutes Meditation & Self-Breema

     •     60-minute Breema bodywork treatment

     •     90-minute massage therapy

There is a great balance in this retreat of free time to spend as is best for you, plus a lot of one-on-one guidance and support from us. Grassroots health care, just for you!

Simple Life 101: 

Peace + Tools to Take it Home

House:$535 Per Person

Cabin: $575 for One Person/$760 for Two People

Step one of this retreat is to unplug, literally. We will gladly take care of your cell phone (we will make arrangements to receive emergency calls for you), and you get to take a break from email. The constant stimulation of our modern world has played a major role in our disconnection from our own natural wisdom and vitality. Reconnect to THAT!

This retreat is great for beginners who have never meditated, or for long-time meditators who wish to re-enliven their practice. The aim of this retreat is to give you a lot of support to have your own practice when you go home. It includes:

     •      Two night’s lodging 

     •      2 dinners, 2 breakfasts and 1 lunch

     •      120-minutes Meditation/Self-Breema instruction and       

             one-on-one support to develop and sustain your practice

     •      45-minute gentle yoga class

     •      60-min. massage treatment with foot reflexology

     •      60-min. Breema bodywork treatment

     •      60-minutes getting comfortable with walking meditation

     •      60-min. Guidance for bringing meditation and Self-Breema to your    

             specific day-to-day activities


Holistic Staycation

* Monday - Friday

House: $1,150 One Person

Why not stay in Ohio for a holistic vacation? Our 4 day/4 night staycation is full of nurturing goodness, like yoga and meditation classes every day, 4 total hours of massage therapy or Breema bodywork and delicious, healthy meals featuring organic vegetarian fare. Explore the country roads in your free time or relax with a book in your cozy room - all without leaving Ohio!


     •      Four night's lodging in the house

     •      All meals from lunch on Monday through breakfast Friday     

     •      Two 90-minute yoga classes

     •      One 120-minute yoga class

     •      One small group yoga class (90 minutes)

     •      Four 60-minute meditaton/Self-Breema classes

     •      Three 30-minute meditation sessions

     •      Four 60-minute Massage Therapy or Breema bodywork treatments

     •      A plentiful portion of vital nature!

Brand New Now

A treatment-rich retreat to enrich your life

House:$470 for One Person

Cabin: $490 for One Person

We wanted to put together a retreat that brought you the healing benefits of massage therapy and bodywork in a single night visit. The result is Brand New Now, and our guests have told us that it is aptly named. The 60 minute foot treatment includes a blend of reflexology, Japanese Shiatsu, massage and a brown sugar scrub. We’ll do some moving meditation, Self-Breema exercises and sitting meditation, too. Your 90 minute massage therapy session can be focused on resolving a particular physical imbalance, simply to relieve stress, or a combination of the two. The nice thing is that we can do a lot in an hour and a half. Delicious and healthy meals help vitalize you (picnic outside by the pond if weather permits) and so does the 60 minute Breema bodywork session. All of this paired with yoga helps you fill your reservoir and head back into life renewed. The retreat includes:

     •     One night’s lodging 

     •     One dinner, one breakfast and one lunch

     •     60-minute foot treatment

     •     90-minute massage therapy

     •     60-minute Breema bodywork treatment

     •     60-minutes Self-Breema and meditation

     •     120-minutes yoga with meditation


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