Retreats for 1-2 Guests

The retreats in this column are for either 1 or 2 people coming together. Note that guests signing up for individual retreats will have exclusive use of the property during your retreat! These retreats are reserved by contacting us to find available dates. Weekends book up quickly, but weekdays are available, too. Scheduling in advance is strongly encouraged.

Group Retreats

Click on the links for more details and contact us if you have any questions. As with our individual retreats, we encourage you to register early as these dates will book up.

Quiet Mind, Open Heart, Vital Body

This simple and nourishing retreat provides some of the best of what we offer, at a reduced rate. It includes: 

     •     One night’s lodging

     •     Dinner and breakfast

     •     90-minute private yoga class

     •     60-minute massage therapy

     •     30-minute Breema bodywork treatment

     •     60-minute private Self-Breema/meditation class

    We will work with you to schedule your solo time for meditation, yoga or Self-Breema. Of course, you will also have time to wander in nature or skip stones on the pond. Part of the transformation is simply dropping your worries and letting yourself fully be here.


Green Suite: $430 + tax for one person. $710 + tax for two people sharing Green Suite lodging.

Heart Studio: $380 + tax for one person. $660 + tax for two people sharing Heart Studio.

Moon Swallow Tipi: $380 + tax for one person. $660 + tax for two people sharing Tipi.

Cabin: $360 + tax for one person. $630 + tax for two people sharing the cabin.

Simple Life 101: 

Peace + Tools to Take it Home

Step one of this retreat is to unplug, literally. If you'd like, we can gladly take care of your cell phone. The constant stimulation of our modern world has played a major role in our disconnection from our own natural wisdom and vitality. Reconnect to THAT!

This retreat is great for beginners who have never meditated, or for long-time meditators who wish to re-enliven their practice. The aim of this retreat is to give you a lot of support to have your own practice when you go home. It includes:

   •   Two night’s lodging 

     •      2 dinners, 2 breakfasts and 1 lunch

     •      4 and 1/2 Hours of one-on-one class time

       Class time is made up of Yoga, Meditation and             Self-Breema and includes support to develop  

       and sustain your practice, taking into account     

       your specific schedule in daily life.  

     •      60-min. massage therapy

     •      60-min. Breema bodywork treatment


Green Suite: $745 + tax for one person. $1,220 + tax for two people sharing the Green Suite.

HeartStudio: $645 + tax for one person. $1,120 + tax for two people sharing the Heart Studio.

Moon Swallow Tipi: $645 + tax for one person. $1,120 + tax for two people sharing the tipi.

Cabin: $605 + tax for one person. $1060 + tax for two people sharing the cabin.


Holistic Staycation

Why not stay in Ohio for a holistic vacation? Our 4 day/4 night staycation is full of nurturing goodness, like yoga and meditation classes every day, 4 total hours of massage therapy or Breema bodywork and delicious, healthy meals featuring organic vegetarian fare - and 12 hours of one-on-one classes! Explore the country roads in your free time or relax with a book in your cozy room - all without leaving Ohio!


     •      Four night's lodging

     •      4 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 4 dinners    

     •      Twelve Hours of private class time including  

          yoga, Self-Breema and meditation

     •      Four 60-min. Massage or Breema treatments

     •      A plentiful portion of vital nature!


Green Suite: $1,595 + tax for one person.

HeartStudio: $1,395 + tax for one person.

Moon Swallow Tipi: $1,395 + tax for one person

Cabin: $1,315 + tax for one person.


True Nature

In the Heart of Holmes County, Ohio

Phone: 330-473-0402 or 330-814-9797


Weekend Silent Retreats

May 17-19, 24-26, June 14-16, 28-30,

July 5-7, Aug. 30-Sept. 1

Our Silent Retreats have become a retreat that we are known for based on our unique blend of classes in yoga, simple meditation and Self-Breema exercises. For those with the desire to go deeper into their practice and/or create a strong foundation in meditative arts, this experience offers the most support. Both challenging and liberating, our Silent Retreats provide a lot of classtime and the immersion in nature that our guests have grown to love. If you have 2 or more people who would like to schedule your own private Silent Retreat, contact us for availability and details.

Details & Registration

Retreats in Peru

Dave and Alana are each leading retreats this summer in the Sacred Valley of Peru, a rich and amazingly beautiful place on this planet! All the details are at the links:

Dave will be co-leading The 2nd Annual Breema Retreat in the Sacred Valley and Alana will be leading a Women's Retreat: Finding Balance Between Inner & Outer in Everyday Life.

Overnight Retreats

Available Retreats, Scheduling and FAQs

What's a retreat at True Nature like?

We intentionally keep our retreats small. The intimacy of providing private classes with individuals, couples or small groups allows us to offer unique support that best serves our guests. Dave brings his background in Soto Zen and Breema: The Art of Being Present, plus his experience as a massage therapist and bodyworker since 1997. Alana provides meditation instruction rooted in her extensive yogic practice (also going back to 1997) and teaches asana in a way that meets each person where he or she is. Read more about us.

If you register for an individual retreat in the left-hand column below, you will have the entire property as your private sanctuary. There will be no other retreat guests here. (Yes, you read that right!) If you register for a retreat from the right-hand column below, you will be part of a small group of 3-7 people.

We have three areas that we use for classes. The first is our deck beside the pond, surrounded by trees, open sky and singing birds. The second is our many-windowed indoor classroom, which is carpeted and blessed by the inner work of hundreds of people who have come here. The third is another indoor space that we also use for treatments and our gallery space. Treatments are sometimes done outside on the deck, but more often in the treatment room. Meals are brought to you, either at your lodging location or outside. Guests staying in the Green Suite have a private bathroom with shower. For restroom facilities for other lodgers, we have our outside shower (yes, plenty of hot water) which gives you an uplifting experience with the sky as your roof. Its grey water system is simple and kind to the earth. Our two outdoor composting toilet cabins are not your old-fashioned outhouses, but include a state-of-the-art system (See Sunmar) that is both clean and odorless.

Our Lodging

Lodging is included in the retreats listed below, and the options are comfortable and unique. Our newest lodging (available year-round) is our Green Suite. Read about it and all of the other lodging options here.

Available Retreats & How to Schedule

Below are our overnight retreats. Please note that prices do not include tax. Group retreats have set dates noted below, in the right-side column. Individual retreats (left column below) are booked by contacting us for available dates. To register, simply fill out our short online registration, and please include specific dates you are inquiring about. If those dates are open, or if we can find alternate dates, we will have you pay a $100 deposit with this link, and then provide you with confirmation details. You can also email us with questions or call 330-473-0402 or 330-814-9797.