Album Number 2 - True Nature's Heirloom Organic Garden!

Bring a loved-one!
Get up close and personal with nature. Birds come right to the window to give you a close look and to get a close look at you.
Our treatment room is a serene and beautiful space with a lush and thick oriental rug that's great to lie on while receiving a Breema treatment.
Please feel free to bring your friends!
Wouldn't you like to experience this post-retreat glow?
You'll see lots of wild birds here, no matter which season you visit us in.
Our cozy guest rooms invite you to be nourished. Even the paint on the walls has been carefully chosen - old world clay paint that is naturally zero voc, and with simple, unsynthesized pigments that actually have a healing effect.
Group retreats, like our annual Breema Retreat pictured here, are rich opportunities to learn from long-time teachers. The emphasis is always on how participants can benefit from their experiences by continuing to practice in their daily lives. Life-long friends meet here.
We have a lot of respect for each of the items you will find here. For example, the rug in this photo is a hand-crafted, fair trade piece of art for the floor and the unique wooden bowl was created by a Native American and holds a bountiful pile of local apples from one of our Amish neighbors.
Our spring silent retreats have a vital magic about them that we deeply cherish. Everyone is blooming and grateful by the time we say goodbye.
Delicious treats (and nutritious meals) await you. This freshly-baked sourdough with dark chocolate is a warm and crunchy delight.
To not be hurried is a real gift.
Mid-way up the back hill, the sky invites you to enjoy the beauty of this place.
Another group of friends glowing in the early evening sunset at the end of our time together. Being immersed in a retreat atmosphere gives us new energy and insight to re-enter day-to-day life.
This was one of a litter of fox kits who we watched grow up one season. To be near them while they wrestled and jumped and rolled was a great reminder of simple blessings.
Many people make new, long-lasting friendships at True Nature.
Nature is medicine...
One of our Playshops for kids and adults!
Breema: The Art of Being Present
Nature is a teacher...
Yoga classes with big people and their little people can be scheduled too...
Through the doorway of trees, the neighbors' cows take their time grazing the hillside.
A cat about to be pounced on...
Another photo from one of our Annual Breema Retreats - The classroom atmosphere is rich and liberating!
At this 3 day silent retreat, we helped bring participants back into their voices with a kirtan led by our friend Narada.
Say, which way to that retreat center?
Stop, know that you're breathing. Watch the deer as if nothing else mattered.
Bring a friend. You'll both be grateful!
There are different areas, little sections of land that have their own feel and energy. Behind this gathering of pines is a quiet space. It makes a perfect space to go and think or to go and not think. The smell of pine and the squish of fallen needles is a natural tonic.
When we look with conscious energy, we take a new impression...
We are so grateful to have this spring-fed pond on the property. Last year we let the cattails grow and watched as red-winged black birds moved in, started families and flourished. They grew into flocks that rose up and gyrated in the air like a single body before zooming to a new patch of the long stalks at the edge of the pond.
A fox "teenager" - wild and ready to run.
"The open flower receives more sun."
The view of our back hill (center) from a nearby road.
Special times of life require special kinds of support...
Do you think that this flower wishes it had a cell phone?
Milo is on a wellness vacation everyday...
We are open year-round! Bring your boots and explore the beauty of winter at True Nature. It's a great place to Be, any time of the year.
Retreats feed the soul!
This turtle showed up right on cue to help us design our logo.
Groups eat well here.
A retreat includes time to simply Be. Hammock therapy makes it easy...
Milo is a handsome cat.
Wild turkeys walk through the property. They know that no one owns this land.
Giving thanks for what Is.
Did we mention the turkeys?
We keep learning that there are many beautiful, sincere and courageous people on this planet - and they wish to live fulfilling lives.
Walking meditation heading up towards the pond...
Silent Retreat. What a gift. To see a group of people connecting without words and expressing thanks to each other with open hearts is an incredible experience.
...And of course they can talk when the retreat ends...
Even a black walnut has a heart in its dark center.

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