Weekend Silent Retreats

Sept. 2-4; Sept. 23-25 ~ 2022


Attendance: Your full participation in this retreat supports both yourself and the rest of the group. We ask that everyone join us for the entire retreat. Please be seated at the classroom deck five minutes prior to the start of each session.

Silence: After our opening circle (when talking is allowed) participants will observe silence until the end of the retreat

Meditation: Most meditation periods will include sitting and walking meditation. The forms we will use are easy to follow and will include guidance as needed.

Self-Breema and Yoga: Both Self-Breema and Yoga classes at True Nature are revitalizing and support both natural presence and body-mind connection. Beneficial and accessible to both new and longtime students, these classes have a balancing and centering effect which grows throughout our time together.

Breema bodyworkTreatments: All participants will receive a 30-minute Breema treatment with Dave, who has been practicing this art for two decades. Breema is particularly helpful at releasing tension, balancing the emotions and allowing the mind to become quiet. Treatments are a pleasure to receive and support the body’s instinctive healing energy, nurturing vitality instead of focusing on symptoms of illness or imbalance. Our protocol for the past 2 years is that both Dave and recipients will wear masks, but we will revisit that based on the state of the pandemic.

Meals: Meals will be vegetarian with an emphasis on organic and local ingredients and served in individually-boxed containers.  Vegan and gluten-free options will be offered at each meal. Upon registration, you will have an opportunity to let us know of any food sensitivities or concerns.

What to bring: Please bring your own bedding, (including blankets) bath towel and toiletries. Also, plan to bring your own meditation cushion, yoga mat, a blanket for yoga. Please bring socks to Self-Breema class, regardless of the season. Dave makes beautiful wooden meditation benches that can be purchased when you're here.

Rates and Overnight Lodging: Onsite lodging is first-come, first-serve and the rates are:

                    Our sweet little Pond Cabin: $435, plus tax

                    The Heart Studio: $475, plus tax

                    The Moon Swallow Tipi: $535, plus tax

                    Camping with your tent: $375, plus tax

View and read about Lodging Options Here.

Commuter Option:

A limited number of people can commute from nearby lodgers. Contact us for rates

Registration/Payment: To register, you will need to follow both of these steps: Click here to fill out our online registration , being sure to note which retreat and date you are registering for. Then return to this page and Click this link to pay your $100 deposit. You can pay the remaining balance at the end of the retreat with cash, check or credit card. (Note that credit card payments will include a 2.75% service fee.)

Retreat with us and explore this simple truth: The open flower receives more sun. What does it mean to be open, to be receptive? How do we connect to silence when back in our day-to-day lives? Our practice is a process that allows answers to unfold. With the support of the group, we enter that mystery together. With new and old friends we navigate through the challenges of silent practice, and we all benefit so deeply.

During these retreats, you'll experience meditation (sitting & walking), yoga practice, Breema: The Art of Being Present, with 12 total class hours during the weekend. Also included are all of your delicious & vital vegetarian meals, vibrant nature and a 30-minute Breema treatment too. One thing that was clear to us in 2020 more than ever before is how important this immersion in nature is. We are grateful to be able to provide all treatments and classes on our deck by the pond - a safe and vibrantly-beautiful location. All of these elements support simple presence, vitality and healing. We look forward to having you join in!

Please read all of the details below and please contact us if you have questions.

Alana & Dave Pratt

Co-owners of True Nature