9th Annual BREEMA Retreat

Date and final details to be Announced

October is one of the most beautiful times of year at True Nature. The leaves are changing and the air has a crisp quality that is unique to this season. You'll have ample time to stroll by the pond, meet new friends or explore the area during free time, and there are both full and partial attendance options for this retreat. Holmes County is the home of the world's largest Amish population, and as you travel the little back roads, please be cautious because many of your fellow travellers will be driving buggies.

What Is Breema?

BREEMA® is a living expression of the unifying principle of Existence, and is based on nine universal principles that help us live a more meaningful life. Breema bodywork, Self-Breema exercises, and Breema’s practical philosophy are the tools we use to unify body, mind, and feelings, and become familiar with the taste of being present.

This practice offers us a new education that presents the possibility of having moments of being present in our day, in order to live a more harmonious life and move in the direction of Self-understanding. The atmosphere of a Breema Retreat, supported by the principles of No Judgment and Mutual Support, is deeply nourishing and revitalizing.

Our emphasis is on exploring and gaining first-hand experience of the Nine Principles of Harmony, which can be applied in any activity or situation. Through the Nine Principles, we can discover a receptive mind, supportive feelings, and a more vital body.

In this Retreat/Workshop you will:

          Learn multiple Breema bodywork sequences which relax and energize the whole body.

          Practice Self-Breema movement sequences.

          Experience the harmonizing effects of the nine Breema principles, including working with your own body's comfort,          

          non-judgment, firmness and gentleness, mutual support, full participation and single moment / single activity.

          Have opportunities to formulate from your experiences with fellow participants.