Building with Earth has a visceral appeal. To create something beautiful and lasting with clay and sand that comes from the land we stand on sounds almost magical. When you see what can be formed in this way, it is easy to understand why natural building is becoming more and more popular. We avoid using toxic substances that have become so common in modern building and those of us who have never built anything suddenly feel invited in by the simplicity of the process and how we are physically involved in it - not to mention the fact that we get to act in a cooperative effort with a group. How about that?

The vision for our project is to make a cob oven (cob is a mix of clay, sand and straw) with a simple foundation of gravel and a stem wall using stones from the property here at True Nature. We will also work on a section of a garden wall that will be a long-term project, and will include a fireplace and chimney right in the wall itself.

Lodging: Participants have the option of camping on the land or choosing to lodge in either the Pond Cabin, Tipi or Heart Studio.

Meals: Meals will be vegetarian with an emphasis on organic and local ingredients and served in individually-boxed containers.  Vegan and gluten-free options will be offered at each meal. Upon registration, you will have an opportunity to let us know of any food sensitivities or concerns.

Safety: We will continue to use physical distancing, and mask-wearing when we are in close proximity. All class periods will obviously be done outside for the greatest safety and the benefit of being in nature, which is truly a food in itself.

What to bring: Please bring your own bedding, (including blankets) bath towel and toiletries, and of course, tent if you are camping. If we need you to bring any other items, we will let you know.

Rates/Lodging for Three Night Option (May 20-23):

Camping: $350 plus tax for one person / $550 plus tax for two people

The Pond Cabin: $440 plus tax for one person / $640 plus tax for two people

The Heart Studio: $500 plus tax for one person / $700 plus tax for two people

Moon Swallow Tipi: $590 plus tax for one person / $790 plus tax for two people /

                              $990 plus tax for three people

Rates/Lodging for Two Night Night Option (May 21-23):

Camping: $250 plus tax for one person / $400 plus tax for two people

Saturday-Only Option (May 22, Includes Lunch, No Lodging)

$145, plus tax

Registration/Payment: To register, you will need to follow these steps: Click here to fill out our online registration , being sure to note which retreat and dates you are registering for. Then return to this page and Click this link to pay your $100 deposit. You can pay the remaining balance at the end of the retreat with cash, check or credit card. (Note that credit card payments will include a 2.75% service fee.)

Meet Uncle Mud!

Learn to create an earthen oven and a garden wall, and have some fun!

An Introduction To Natural Building

Attendance Options: Three Night: May 20-23 Weekend: May 21-23 Saturday Only: May 22