Think of The Light of The Heart as your custom retreat-builder that's available 24/7.  Simply use our audio and video clips to create a retreat that is the right length for you. You might choose a 10 minute restorative experience, or play numerous clips one after another to go deeper. In general, we suggest opening and closing your retreat with a meditation selection, but otherwise no set pattern is needed. We will add new tracks each month and welcome your input: Email us.

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Standing to Sitting

It is helpful to work with body-mind connection in a variety of postures, and this meditation moves between sitting and standing.

Remembering Our Home

A teaching story inspired by a "chance" meeting with a snail while we were in Israel and how it served as a reminder of the home we always have nearby.

Do whatever you need to do, without fear...

How a friend's words in days close to his death have served to inspire and keep seekers like us on the path.

The Three Signs

Yes, the title sounds like a Hollywood movie, but this is a real-life tale about how we've arrived at the 3rd incarnation of our business sign - & the surprising lessons with each one.

Sheltering In Place

Alana talks about the support of daily practice as we navigate the shift to our new way of living...

Audio & Video Classes

Meditation 101

A simple meditation to help cultivate presence and support the mind to be quiet.


Sitting with Breath

Setting the foundation for a practice that you can continue to work with daily.

Progressive Relaxation

For relieving tension and getting connected to the body as it is, this guided meditation is best done lying down. Dim the lights and relax.

~ Current Selections Now Available ~

Extended Savasana

Profoundly-relaxing and restorative, this guided practice renews energy and clarity.

Walking Meditation 1

This walking meditation helps you step out of the past and future, literally. The connection to the body while moving and using the Breema principles of No Force and No Hurry/No Pause supports you to be present - and this particular meditation includes poetry too.

Self-Breema Classes

A growing number of classes including body-centered meditation and a variety of Self-Breema exercises. Self-Breema is vitalizing and brings the mind, body and feelings into balance without force.

The Thought Parade: Is it True?

Are the thoughts in the mind true? Are they You? Dave begins this talk with those questions to himself and uses the support of a Rumi poem like a flashlight in the dark...