Although one retreat has a great effect, what if you had the benefit of three in a single year? Consider - If you want to play the piano, you need to practice. To feel the effects of herbal medicines, you need to use them regularly. With each of these examples, a pattern of support must be set up for more full results, and retreats are no different.

If you're reading this, you've probably already come to the decision that life on earth can be challenging. (That's why people seek retreats to begin with!) There are all sorts of demands and potential struggles that confront a person each day, and when you experience the peace and silence that a retreat can bring, you see how simple and natural this is. Yet, because most people have never learned how to arrive at that simple, natural state, they need a little help returning.

That, in a nutshell, is what this retreat series aims to help you do - To return to Yourself. With three nurturing holistic retreats in 2019, we aim to provide you with the deep nourishment and quietude that is your birthright, and is the source of health in its highest sense. The first weekend, a Spring Retreat, helps you move out of the hibernative state of winter and into the warming light. Next, our Summer Retreat, celebrates the growing vitality you will experience with your second respite at True Nature and will build on what you learned at your first visit. With the Fall Retreat, you'll be prepared to continue with what has been "planted" from your time at True Nature and you'll also have tools to keep benefitting on your own.

Like the budding pianist we mentioned above, we all need to practice. Like our use of medicinal plants, we need to be patient and consistent. We need to allow the effects to develop. Similarly, a series of retreats provides you with a lot of restorative "groundwork," and at the same time teaches you how to cultivate peace in yourself. With time, the gradual effects are evident.

For these retreats, your meals, treatments and classes will reflect the needs of each season, and outdoor class time will be included, weather permitting. You'll also have plenty of free time to walk in the meadow, skip stones on the pond, take a nap or even get to know one of your fellow retreatants.

Dates and Details

Three weekends are included in this immersion: May 24-26/July 26-28/Oct. 18-20, and each weekend is limited to only 3 participants. Every nourishing weekend includes:

     •     Two night’s lodging

     •     Two dinners, two breakfasts and one lunch 

     •     165 minutes of yoga instruction

     •     165 minutes Meditation & Self-Breema

     •     60-minute Breema bodywork treatment

     •     90-minute massage therapy

Cost: $1,540, per person, plus tax. This is a savings of $285!

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"Full Bloom"

Three Seasonal Retreats to Change Your Life