BREEMA in the Sacred Valley of Peru Post 5

Wednesday, September 6, 2023 6:49 AM

Gratitude walking...

One morning, I joined my friend, Avish, for his daily Gratitude Walk near his home in Yukay. Animated by a good night’s sleep and enjoying the movement of our bodies, we set off together, both nonverbally and verbally expressing thanks for our friendship and for life itself. Chaska and Cussie, Avish and Viviana’s faithful and playful dogs trotted along with us, meandering here and there and sometimes disappearing to explore some inviting smells in a nearby field. It’s hard to express the particular glow of the morning sunlight in this area of the world, so I’ll let the pictures do that for the most-part, but I will say a few more words about it too. People talk about the magic of the light in Greece and other places on Earth, and with good reason. Those who come here will also have things to say. In the golden hours of early morning and early evening, there is a glow I can honestly describe as both holy and ordinary - every day sacred. It is a quality of light that helps you to be more fully here. The beauty doesn’t allow for you to miss it! 

Distant mountains and the dust under your feet morph as the day begins, as if the earth itself was a chameleon shifting from lavender and clay colors to brightening greens and rusty reds. For being 93 million miles away, the sun is doing a pretty good job lighting up the valley! In this atmosphere, Avish and I shared two morning walks of expressing gratitude, a cherished ritual for my friend and a blessing for each day.

“I am grateful for my stick that I use to stretch my body and deepen my breath as I walk in the morning air…"

“I am grateful to have feet and legs that can walk - to be on this Earth with you right now…"

“I am grateful for our group of friends who we’ve been on this adventure with and so thankful to know so many wonderful people who have come together from across the world."

“I am grateful for my wife and to Existence for introducing us and for all of the forces that brought us together…"

“I am grateful for the warm sun on my face and grateful to have a face that can receive it…"

At the Urubamba river, we stopped beside a couple of cows, one white and one black, and we did a little Self-Breema and stretching together on the soft yet firm grass - waking up with the warming earth as the sky continued to light up around us. After we had finished, I wandered over and jokingly spoke to the white cow who was tied nearby, “Good morning. How are you today?” 

With grace and ease, she stretched her whole body with a gliding lift of her chin and lengthened skyward. My impression was that every cell in her body participated in that movement. “Thank you,” I replied. “Thank you for reminding me how sweet it is to have a body!” Then I reached up to the sky, bending back a little and sensing the Hallelujah of the stretch throughout my spine too. As I stood upright, I relished the natural movement of inhaling and exhaling, with Nothing Extra…just this moment...and I quietly smiled in gratitude for life.

As I close this entry, I would like to say thank you for reading along with me. As this writing develops, I wish for it to unfold as naturally as a morning walk with a friend. Please let me know if you have questions about these entries about our retreat in Peru. I’d be happy to answer, maybe even with a new post. You see, this blog is the manifestation of a wish I have been living and crafting for many years - a wish to offer a “Good News” source to the world. Why not? I’d like to contribute to the recognition that expressing Gratitude is yet another food group, and I always find things to be thankful for when I take time to look. Although this writing begins in the Sacred Valley of Peru, it will also include other places: The sacred valley of my backyard garden in rural Ohio; exploring the tomatoes and navigating fence failures and raccoon visitors; a sacred stroll in the market of Akko, Israel, just before the pandemic shut down and heading into that time of fear and challenges; the sacred meal of sharing a ripe pear in a rainy parking lot with a dear friend; changing a flat tire and so many possibilities... There is so much that is right in the world, so much light in the world, and it is worth acknowledging and celebrating that truth.

Thank you for being here. I hope you have a beautiful day.

- David

David Pratt is the co-founder of True Nature Holistic Retreats in Holmes County, Ohio, which has been supporting guests to lead more balanced, harmonious lives since 2010. He first experienced Breema: The Art of Being Present in September of 2001, and has benefitted from practicing and teaching this holistic system for many years. The simplicity of Breema allows students to take simple, practical steps to being present and bringing that nurturance into everyday life. The next Breema Retreat in Peru’s Sacred Valley is August 1-12, 2024. Get all the details here.


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