BREEMA in the Sacred Valley of Peru Post 12

Monday, September 11, 2023 9:39 PM

In Breema, we have a Self-Breema exercise called, “In The Marketplace, I Am Present.” As I was doing this exercise just this morning, I experienced the simple, purifying effect that the movements had on me. Registering my body’s weight sitting on the floor, I allowed my attention to be with this Single Moment and Single Activity. Gradually, as I continued the exercise, my mind became quiet and I experienced the natural vitality that comes when I am fully available and stay with my wish to be present. The exercise only took a few minutes to do; but when I was finished, I was so refreshed and grateful to come out of thoughts and to Be in this moment. It was such a valuable foundation for moving into the rest of my day.

Traveling in the Sacred Valley of Peru, there are so many marketplaces. It’s such a fun atmosphere to be in! Urubamba, where we stayed for a full week, has a bustling main market, and its absolute abundance seems to make it spill out into the surrounding streets. The lively colors of fruits, vegetables, flowers and textiles are so beautiful and attractive. People talk animatedly, buying and selling, discussing the price of papayas or asking about how much beef or chicken costs today. In the main market, some sellers wander the crowd, calling out to every ear about what they have to offer.

In my wandering mind, even sitting alone in meditation, there is a bustle and movement. One thought leads to the next and bumps into another, sees something attractive - a worry, a hope for something else, a memory of the past. The habitual flow goes and goes, on and on. What I have learned is that in this marketplace of the mind, I can practice being present. Just as I did this morning, I can use the support of a Self-Breema exercise to collect myself, to come back to the simple knowledge that I am here. Then during my day, the seeds of that morning practice may remind me. Maybe as I go to pay for a lovely blend of papaya, pineapple and ginger juice, I remember right there - and as I place the last coin in the seller’s hand and look into her eyes, I know I exist. Right there, there is Gratitude, and I know I am part of the bigger picture, not just who I think I am, not lost in my head, but in relationship with life. 

How many other places can I practice this art? Life gives me endless opportunities. All I need is to remember my wish and to take one small step. When I do this, I always benefit and my impression is that I am doing my part, moving in the direction of fulfilling my purpose here.

"In the crowded market,

the music of a hundred bargains.

People walking back and forth, buying, selling, trading, earning.

In and out of shops, the sounds of money flowing.

Someone passing by me stopped:

'Do not forget, brother, to earn your daily bread.

Because without it, all that you gather is for your mortal body.’"

~ From “In The Garden of All Possibilities,” Schreiber

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David Pratt is the co-founder of True Nature Holistic Retreats in Holmes County, Ohio, which has been supporting guests to lead more balanced, harmonious lives since 2010. He first experienced Breema: The Art of Being Present in September of 2001, and has benefitted from practicing and teaching this holistic system for many years. The simplicity of Breema allows students to take simple, practical steps to being present and bringing that nurturance into everyday life. The next Breema Retreat in Peru’s Sacred Valley is August 1-12, 2024. Get all the details here.


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