BREEMA in the Sacred Valley of Peru

Tuesday, August 29, 2023 12:00 AM

Our first annual Sacred Valley Breema Retreat was pure magic. Really - PURE MAGIC. My experience of visiting the Valley was transformational in many ways, and I continue to reconnect to timeless moments in markets, in classes and in remote wilderness - both alone and with friends. Each day, we did nurturing and revitalizing Breema bodywork and/or Self-Breema exercises guided by Breema’s simplifying Nine Principles of Harmony. Also each day, we went on excursions of mind-boggling beauty. Sometimes we even had short Self-Breema classes in majestic landscapes. Wow! 

Below are some pictures of my first impressions of Peru as we settled into our main nest, the Lunarumi Hotel in Urubamba, which is managed by a sweet family of three and their warm and caring staff. My intention is to fill this blog abundantly with photography of this true treasure of a place. I trust that the images will convey at least a little of that richness and I wholeheartedly encourage travelers to go and experience the Sacred Valley for yourself. Of course, that is the best way to truly “get" the depth of beauty there.

I will write about impressions and insights (and ice cream) that I received in the Sacred Valley with friends from all over this beautiful planet. I hope you will join me on the journey, and I welcome your questions. Also, if you fall in love with a particular image, I will have options to purchase high resolution prints of any of the photographs you see here. Unless otherwise noted, all images were taken by me.

Lastly, (okay, lastly for the moment) Peru is really the entry point into this blog project, which I have been pondering for quite some time. As the name implies, I am using this blog as a vehicle for spreading good news. The heart of that good news is going to include support for you and myself to learn that, even though there may be chaos and challenges in life’s events, there is always something simple and practical that we can do to nurture harmony. There will also be acknowledgement of and encouragement for Gratitude, which is often a natural effect of taking those small steps. The blog will cover a variety of travels and everyday insights at home, and begins in the Sacred Valley. As you read through, you may notice that it morphs and changes. That is because I am giving myself to work on this blog as my desire comes in. So pages will be edited, pictures will be added. It is kind of a way that you can see my creative process, and honestly, this may be a book in progress that you see unfolding. I hope you enjoy it.


Dave Pratt

p.s. True Nature Holistic Retreats is the heart-child of myself and my beloved wife, Alana Generson Pratt, who supported me to go on this and many other adventures. Together, Alana and I have developed our home-based retreat center in Holmes County, Ohio since 2010. True Nature sprouted from the foundational work that we each did in retreat settings for years prior to that. I am grateful to the magic of the universe that brought Alana and I together - a reunion of the heart that I give thanks for again and again. I also give thanks to my dear friends, Avishai Pearlson and Tsvia Isenberg for inviting me to be a part of this retreat in Peru’s Sacred Valley. If you continue to read, you’ll be bound to meet all of these wonderful people and more - right here on the virtual pages of the Everyday Sacred.


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