Here’s what people are saying about True Nature:

Dave and Alana -

This place is like paradise. It’s worth coming for the nature alone: so many birds, and their song a constant backdrop to everything else. This time of year, so many baby animals, both wild and domestic. And then you get the treatments, too, which are healing beyond words. I hope I can take a piece of it with me.


Alana and Dave,

Thanks for your unfailing generosity these last two days in your haven.

And thank you especially for letting us share some of your many talents, with which you nourished us in such a positive and soothing manner. You have exceeded our expectations. We feel rejuvenated. We shall not forget.

Vaya Con Dios - Elizabet

Auf Wiederscchen - Helmut

Thank you Dave and Alana for such a peaceful, relaxing and delightful weekend. We both enjoyed the body treatments, food was delicious, and your surroundings picturesque. This weekend was one of the best because you both were a part of it.

Heartfelt thanks,

R and Y

Alana and Dave,

Thank you for all you do. Thank you for providing a place of peace and tranquility. Most of all, thank you for listening and honoring me.

All the best,


I only visited once, and it’s impacted my life in a huge way! Being there was such a profound experience for me! I still use Alana's nighttime yoga moves to help me sleep, I put a lot more things on my oatmeal now and we both eat oatmeal on a weekly basis! And one of my mantra's is "Body Comfortable" and I meditate on a weekly basis too!

Also, I decided to not return to my stressful job at the newspaper after the baby and I'm going to work part time doing what I enjoy: graphic design and working for a non-profit. I felt it was really important for my well-being to be happy and at peace and not work at a job that only drained my positive energy.

It really meant a lot for me to message you before the baby and tell you how much I really LOVED coming to Millersburg and that you both really do make a difference in bettering people's lives.

Thank you for everything and hopefully one day I will find you again! We have big plans in the next few years with a little one and a possible relocation. So once we get settled, I will be back!

Well wishes,

Emily S., Salem, Indiana

So back to reality… already encounters with negative people, places, and things, but I have got to tell you both that I am finding a huge and I mean huge improvement with my ability to find my "happy place" :)  All I have to do is think of my stay with you two, and it is so much easier for me to be mindful and let these negative things just brush over me. My experiences with you have become my focal point to begin meditations.  From the bottom of my heart thank you for allowing me to stay in your home and spend time with you.  I will never forget it… and will be back again when my seed needs some more watering! :)


Thanks again for all that you and Dave have done for me. I only wish I were closer so I could take your classes and get treatments.  There is a magical feeling there. I instantly relaxed the minute I got there. That does not happen too often. Both you and Dave have such a calming effect that is good for the mind, body and soul. 




Just wanted to send a quick thank you for the wonderful time we had this past Sat. afternoon at Howard Moody’s playshop!!! What a hoot to get folks of all ages together and have that much fun!


Howard is great and so full of life, what a blessing to have gotten to know him along with our other new friends. We were 'high' in the silliness all weekend. At any rate, thanks again for a wonderful time.


Smiles and Laughter,


What a joy! Thanks to you both for a lovely, restorative weekend.


How restful and replenishing.

Blessings to you,


Thank you so much for having me here. This has been a very meaningful and enlightening experience. I’ve learned so much about new tools and new friends. Your knowledge and generosity has been a joyful process.

I look forward to implementing new ideas and activities in to my life and have to have a better well-being. We shall see each other again.



I need some pasta! LOL…Just kidding!!! Everything was great, and I plan to come every season to enjoy your home, friendship and great outdoors.

p.s. And brush up on skills I’ve learned!


Just what I needed after Christmas! We are so grateful for the peace and serenity that you’ve poured out on us. Thank you.


Your beautiful spirits and energy make True Nature so inviting. Best wishes for your future!


When I typed “Yoga Retreat Ohio” into Google, True Nature was exactly what I’d hope to find. Georgia and I truly need our weekend retreat, to replenish our souls and dream our next adventure - while being present, of course.

Thank you,

T and G

Beautiful setting, Beautiful experience.


Thank you for the gift of peace and practices that helped me be in the moment and focus on my proposal. True Nature provided the perfect setting for mindfulness and personal rejuvenation.


Thank you both for a wonderful and relaxing visit. Much needed and much appreciated.


Thank you so much for your hospitality, your wisdom and your serenity. I am a calmer and happier person for having stayed here. You both have amazing gifts that I was fortunate to receive. I will be back!

Warm regards,


Relaxing is the key word.


R and B

Everything about this retreat was what I needed - the meditation, the wildlife, the food! I can’t thank you enough. I will be back soon.



This was the most peaceful experience I have had in a long time. The nature is wonderful, the house is inviting. Dave and Alana are welcoming, kind, gentle. I will definitely be returning. I could not have asked for a better retreat.


This trip was overdue, but right in time. Your teachings have allowed me the tools to calm my spirit and reconnect with me again, after a full year of grieving my soulmate. What a blessing that you both were willing to accommodate my schedule. I can only imagine that I will return here again when I need refreshed. Until we meet again.

Bless you both,


Dear Dave and Alana,

Thank you for sharing what you love with us. You show your passion for the body and the spirit with the most gentleness, ease and grace that I have felt in a long time. We really enjoyed this time with you both. I hope to learn from you both again sometime.

Peace and love to all beings.


T and S

What a blessing. I had forgotten how to create the space to just be…Your kind, generous spirits helped me remember. Open - Clear - Unobstructed Joy and Peace.



The Art of Being Present is such a Present. As always, very much have we enjoyed your company. Such peaceful people in such a peaceful place. Truly a gift.

Thank you!

With love,

Dave and Sherri

Thank you for the calming unplugged respite we needed! Don’t tell our regular massage therapist, but those were the most relaxing massages we’ve ever had!


J and L

Dave and Alana,

This weekend has been a wonderful journey for us back to ourselves. Your home and company provided the perfect environment to quiet the “monkey mind” and allow us to reconnect with our true selves. Thanks to you both for opening your beautiful home to us. It was the perfect way to celebrate 10 years of marriage. We look forward to celebrating many more here!


L and K

p.s. Many scratches for Milo and Otis too!!

Alana & Dave -

Thank you so much for everything. The food was delicious. The night peaceful, the scenery beautiful, the cats in hammock entertaining…

All the best to you both. I hope to see you two again.